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Basu Lab Members Basu Lab Former Members

Basu Lab Former Members

Former members of NYU Langone’s Basu Lab have gone on to competitive academic and professional roles.

Shannon Rashid
Current position: MD student, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Rosanne Tuip
Current position: Graduate Student, Neuroscience, University of Amsterdam (neuroscience)

Sahaana Sundar
Student Intern, 2016–18
Current position: Clinical Coordinator, , NYU Langone's Department of Neurology

Ariel Hairston
Student Intern/Research Technician, 2016–17
Current position: Research Technician, NYU Langone's Treisman Lab

Martial Dufour
Post Doctoral Fellow, 2015–18
Current position: Account Manager, Proteintech

Jonathan Kogan
Student intern, 2016–17
Current position: Undergraduate Student, Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, University of Pennsylvania (dual degree in computer science and statistics)

Narissa Hajratalli
Student intern, 2016–17
Current position: Clinical Research Assistant, Mount Sinai Hospital

Margot Elmaleh
Lab Manager, 2015–16
Current position: Graduate Student, NYU Langone's Long Lab

Stephanie Cheung
Research Technician, 2014–16
Current position: MD/PhD Student, University of California, Los Angeles

Victor Cazares
Post Doctoral Fellow 2015–16
Current position: Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan

Mayank Parashar
Student Intern, 2015
Current position: Analyst, MUFG New York.