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Belasco Lab

We study how RNA controls post-transcriptional gene expression.

RNA has played a central role in biology since the origin of life on Earth. Research in the Belasco Lab at NYU Langone aims to elucidate the diverse molecular mechanisms employed by this vitally important family of macromolecules to control gene expression post-transcriptionally.

Our strategy for achieving this goal is multifaceted, combining molecular biological, biochemical, biophysical, and genetic methods. We are particularly interested in understanding how gene expression in bacterial and mammalian cells is regulated by mRNA degradation.

Controls Post-Transcriptional Gene Expression
Investigators in the Belasco Lab use sophisticated methods to further our understanding of RNA biology and post-transcriptional mechanisms of gene regulation.

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Contact Us

Joel G. Belasco, PhD
Professor, Department of Microbiology
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
550 First Avenue, Medical Science Building, Room 394
New York, NY 10016