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Digital DesignLab

We partner with researchers and clinicians during the earliest stages to develop digital health innovations.

We are a new lab at NYU Langone Health focused on delivering digital health innovation, and we are adept at operational strategy, technical assessments, and human-centered design methods. We seek to extend our capabilities to any clinical or research partner whose ideas promise to lead to exciting and novel digital solutions.

While Digital DesignLab is not a development shop, we may provide connections to those for some of our partners. We are a strategic partner offering the capacity to focus, prototype, test, and validate your initial digital health concepts.

What We Do

Digital health is the convergence of technology, medicine, and human activity. Ideas for digital health innovation can come from anyone at NYU Langone Health, across all departments and institutes. However, the journey from innovative idea to an actual digital product can be complex, time consuming, and costly. Digital DesignLab helps make this process easier.

Digital Health is the Convergence of Technology, Medicine, and Human Activity

Digital DesignLab adds value at the earliest stages of digital health innovation. Our flexible and scalable approach enables us to handle all kinds of projects. Some skew towards purely technical solutions, while others are more product-driven.

Technical Strategy

Projects have different technical needs at different stages of development. After an initial assessment, we create a shared understanding of the problem to solve, and then can collect requirements and make designs or minimum viable architectures to fulfill the scope.

We answer the following questions:

  • What are the implications of the infrastructure context?
  • What resources should we apply to the problem?
  • Can we use an internal resource or do we need to connect to an external vendor?
  • Should this be built from scratch or through customization?

These are often gray areas. Digital DesignLab can help teams sort out complexities and weight the potential outcomes to identify the ideal technical strategy.

Design Thinking for Digital Health

Digital DesignLab uses design thinking methodologies to add value at the earliest stages of digital health innovation. Simply put, design thinking is a collaborative method that ensures that the project is solving the correct problem and that it addresses users’ real needs. Design thinking speeds up ideation and consensus-building and enables stakeholders to quickly test and validate their assumptions using rough prototyping and user research.

Digital DesignLab can strengthen new ideas and give them a better chance of reaching the point of implementation. Our use of this process gives particular focus to new ideas that could integrate with existing digital health solutions at NYU Langone.

How We Work

Digital DesignLab partners with clinical and implementation researchers and practitioners across NYU Langone to guide them through the initial phases of digital health development —whether it is for operational innovation, grants, or potential future commercial endeavors.

Digital DesignLab Focuses on the Early Stages of Digital Health Innovation

Our lab has established a systematic process for identifying, prioritizing, and tracking opportunities for innovation across our health system. Our mission is to leverage this process to continuously cultivate and deliver feasible, viable, and sustainable digital health solutions. Learn more about working with Digital DesignLab.

Digital DesignLab Performs User Research, Hosts Design Workshops, and Conducts Prototype Development

Our Impact

Digital DesignLab has been working to connect and coordinate innovative research efforts involving novel digital components with our clinical and information technology operations since Fall 2017.

We measure our impact across several types of partnering, whether through quick conversations or deep collaborations. Our goals are to facilitate rather than extinguish innovation projects while staving off the risk of developing tools unlikely to achieve adoption even within our own institution. We seek to provide strategic value and deliver digital health knowledge and efficiency to NYU Langone Health.

Contact Us

Our standardized yet flexible process enables us to identify, evaluate, and validate digital innovation projects. To start working with us, submit your idea by filling out our short intake form.

For questions about our intake process or for more information about Digital DesignLab contact us at We are located in NYU Langone’s Department of Population Health in the Translational Research Building at 227 East 30 Street, floor 6, New York, NY.

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