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Digital DesignLab Digital DesignLab Projects

Digital DesignLab Projects

Our work in the Digital DesignLab has begun to produce innovative digital health tools. More importantly, it is yielding a set of capabilities that can be leveraged by others in the NYU Langone community to jumpstart their projects.

When to Wonder: Picky Eating

Working with the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, we have built a novel, intuitive way of enabling parents to provide consent for research studies on their phones and created an interactive, game-based approach for collecting child-report data and parent-report data on picky eating and other behaviors related to child mental health. Learn more about the When to Wonder: Picky Eating App.

When To Wonder: Picky Eating App
The When To Wonder: Picky Eating App is available for iOS and Android.

Smart Clinical Decision Support

In another collaboration with Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs, MD, PhD, and the Predictive Analytics Unit, our team created a new data architecture to support machine learning driven suppression of inappropriate alerts in Epic—a feature that has enormous potential for improving the digital experience for all of our clinicians. It also led to the recent submission of an R01 application to NIH.

Data Architecture Diagram for Smart Clinical Decision Support
A data architecture diagram for smart clinical decision support.

Pause for Pain

Our team is currently working with Bruce E. Gelb, MD, winner of the NYU Langone’s Health Tech Symposium “SharkTank” to define, map, and prototype their “Pause for Pain” concept —a potential MyWall and EPIC integrated tool that could help clinicians and patients better communicate about their pain and coordinate its treatment.

Patient and Nurse Interact During Pause for Pain Design Thinking Workshop
A nurse shows a patient a prototype of the Pause for Pain tool on a digital tablet.

ParentCorps Bootcamp

We have also had successful collaborations with Andrew W. Brotman, MD, and ParentCorps. This was a two part project with visualization of a digital parent outreach tool and program where we conducted proof-of-concept work and user research in NYC and Chicago. We managed an extensive, systematic process to secure potential vendors leading to a broader digitization effort for the successful NYC Department of Education and NYU Langone Department of Population Health collaboration of 20+ years, ParentCorps.

Behavioral Economics in the Electronic Health Record

Behavioral Economics in the Electronic Health Record, or BE-EHR, is a collaborative project with Healthcare Innovation Bridging Research, Informatics, and Design (HiBRID) Lab to deploy behavioral economics techniques in order to “nudge” doctors towards evidence-based medicine. Digital DesignLab ran several workshops conceiving of different “campaigns” to promote awareness in geriatric care around diabetes medication. We created several experiments sending emails with GIF animations and quiz-show formats to inject a little humor into a serious subject.

SkinMinder Bootcamp

SkinMinder was conceived by Karen Ong, MD, a former NYU Grossman School of Medicine student who wanted to create an accessible way for people like her to understand and manage itching behaviors related to chronic conditions. She had completed a prototype design and sought guidance on feasible build strategies. In a three-week bootcamp, the Digital DesignLab provided guidance on product development in general, low-fidelity wire-framing of more complete experience, guidance on user testing, behavioral therapy insight, and developing a sustainability plan.