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Digital DesignLab Working with the Digital DesignLab

Working with the Digital DesignLab

NYU Langone’s Digital DesignLab deploys a three-stage process to assess the ideas you have for digital products and see them through to completion.


A standardized questionnaire helps us evaluate your idea, the problem it is addressing, its current state, and your team and resources. Digital DesignLab then determines the project’s readiness and fit for collaboration. To start working with us, submit your idea by filling out our short intake form. For questions about our intake process or for more information about Digital DesignLab contact us at

The Digital DesignLab Intake Process Includes a Discovery Meeting and Evaluation


From a large pool of applicants, a smaller group of projects moves forward to the collaboration phase. This typically is between 2-6 months of intense collaboration.

For technical projects, depending on the specifics and capacities of our partners, we may provide some engineering management oversight on a project with your team, or as an embedded member helping to deploy technologies across multiple projects. This helps us to ensure that the technology we employ works across environments.

For products, we evolve the idea and progress through design thinking work: building user journeys and personas, conducting design workshops, observations and usability testing; mapping workflow and data architecture; prototyping; and estimating build costs and sustainability strategies.

The Collaboration Phase Involves Design Workshops and Prototyping


The collaborative product then graduates our process. After graduation, Digital DesignLab connects our collaborators to the next step in the digital development ladder—either internally, using established NYU Langone pathways, or matched with an external vendor that has been profiled and vetted by the Digital DesignLab.

Depending on the project, we also provide an orientation towards NYU Langone’s overall technical strategy, ranging from reusable components and technologies to Epic integration points.

Digital DesignLab Projects Graduate to Internal Development or an External Vendor in 6 Months