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Johnson Lab

We study laryngeal neuromuscular mechanisms underlying vocal exercise to prevent and treat voice disorders.

The Johnson Lab operates in conjunction with the NYU Langone Voice Center, and comprises multidisciplinary researchers from a range of backgrounds including speech–language pathology, laryngology, singing voice pedagogy and performance, and basic and translational science. Led by Aaron M. Johnson, PhD, MM, CCC-SLP, our team of investigators is interested in the areas of the aging voice, voice training as exercise, voice building in elite vocal performers, and the singing voice.

One key area of study examines the effects of vocal training on laryngeal neuromuscular mechanisms in the aging larynx. Our research focuses on understanding, preventing, and treating voice disorders through clinical and novel translational research methods. We aim to evaluate the impact of vocal training and vocal exercise on laryngeal function, vocal ability, and quality of life across the lifespan.

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