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Johnson Lab Publications

Learn more about the research being performed in our lab by reading Dr. Johnson’s latest publications.

Selected Publications

The Effects of Menopause on Neuromuscular Parameters of the Rat Vocal Folds

Lenell, Charles; Johnson, Aaron M

Laryngoscope. 2020 Aug 01;

Preparation of the Rat Vocal Fold for Neuromuscular Analyses

Lenell, Charles; Shembel, Adrianna C; Johnson, Aaron M

Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. 2020 05 15;

Identifying Concomitant Health Conditions in Individuals With Chronic Voice Problems

Lenell, Charles; Shao, Qianhui; Johnson, Aaron M

Journal of voice. 2020 Jan 28;

Exercise Science and the Vocalist

Johnson, Aaron M; Sandage, Mary J

Journal of voice. 2019 Oct 15;

A Tutorial of the Effects of Sex Hormones on Laryngeal Senescence and Neuromuscular Response to Exercise

Lenell, Charles; Sandage, Mary J; Johnson, Aaron M

Journal of speech, language, & hearing research. 2019 Mar 25; 62:602-610