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Liang Lab

We aim to reduce colorectal cancer incidence and mortality by improving screening practices and increasing screening access.

The primary focus of NYU Langone’s Liang Lab is to prevent colorectal cancer. We are passionate about our work, and strive to conduct high-quality, meaningful research that will advance our scientific understanding and improve patient care.

Our main research goals are as follows:

  • improve colorectal cancer screening
  • explore sociodemographic and geographic disparities in screening and cancer outcomes
  • compare the effectiveness of different screening strategies
  • investigate novel methods to increase screening adherence

We also conduct studies related to other gastrointestinal conditions, including gastric cancer and upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

Contact Us

Peter S. Liang, MD, MPH
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine and Population Health
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
423 East 23rd Street
11th Floor, North
New York, NY 10010