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Mulligan Lab Research

Current research at the Mulligan Lab builds upon studies of the human immune response to vaccines and infections and offers deeper insights into the complexity of these responses.

Our main projects address the following critical areas:

  • comprehensive analyses of innate and adaptive immune responses during acute coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection and convalescence
  • immunogenicity, efficacy, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines
  • immunogenicity, efficacy, and effectiveness of influenza vaccines
  • measles infection, immune suppression, and vaccination

Our overall research portfolio examines five key mechanisms and themes:

  • memory B-cell and T-cell responses following vaccination and infection
  • cytokines profiling
  • genetic markers associated with host susceptibility to infection
  • antibody responses to infection
  • new vaccine strategies

Generating vaccine-mediated protection is a complex challenge. Since its inception in 2018, NYU Langone’s Vaccine Center has participated in more than a dozen clinical trials, including trials that investigate new vaccines for COVID-19, yellow fever, and influenza, as well as clinical trials for COVID-19 prevention and treatment. The Mulligan Lab aims to support vaccine development, diagnostics, and innovative treatment solutions by engaging in rigorous scientific research to fight diseases of public health importance.