Research News, Events & Awards

Research News, Events & Awards

We provide updates on our latest research news, events, and faculty accomplishments.
Neurologist Dr. Gyorgy Buzsaski in the Lab

Read the latest updates from NYU Langone Health about our scientific accomplishments and award-winning faculty. Our various lecture series give our researchers and colleagues a platform to discuss their recent advances in science and healthcare.

VIDEO: Richard Tsien, DPhil, presents at NYU Langone’s prestigious Dean’s Lecture Series.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators

Microscopic View of Virus

National Academy of Sciences Members

Erlenmeyer Flask on Lab Bench

Health and Medicine Division of National Academies Members

Researcher Pipettes Sample into Test Tube

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Members

Scientists Views Sample Through Microscope

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows

Test Tubes in Test Tube Holder

Faculty Awards and Recognitions

Gloved Hand Holds Sample Under Microscope

Research Lectures and Events

Our various lecture series allow our faculty and visiting researchers to share their latest findings.
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