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Ryoo Lab News

Read the latest news from NYU Langone’s Ryoo Lab.

Huai-Wei Huang and Hyung Don Ryoo, PhD, Report that fabp Regulates Light-Activated Rhodopsin-1 Homeostasis

Ryoo Lab researchers show that Drosophila fabp is required for light-dependent Rhodopsin-1 clearance and photoreceptor survival. Their results were published in PLOS Genetics.

Ryoo Lab Team Reports that Xrp1 is an Effector of PERK-Mediated UPR

Brian Brown, PhD, Sahana Mitra, PhD, Finnegan Roach, Deepika Vasudevan, PhD, and Hyung Don Ryoo, PhD, report that Xrp1 is a previously unknown effector of PERK-mediated unfolded protein response signaling. Their results were published in eLife.

Sahana Mitra, PhD, Publishes in Developmental Biology

A study led by Dr. Mitra reports that Ire1 plays a role in Drosophila eye pigmentation. The results were published in Developmental Biology.

Deepika Vasudevan, PhD, Starts Her Own Lab as an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Vasudevan, a postdoc in the Ryoo Lab who has made important discoveries regarding the regulation of the integrated stress response, started her own laboratory as an assistant professor in the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Thank you for your work over the years. Congratulations, Deepika!

Deepika Vasudevan, PhD, and Team Publish Findings on ATF4 Signaling Regulation in Nature Communications

Work from our lab led by Dr. Vasudevan reports that the translational induction of ATF4 in response to amino acid deprivation and endoplasmic reticulum stress requires two poorly understood translational regulators, eIF2D and DENR. The results are published in Nature Communications, with co-authors Amy Yang (Department of Cell Biology), Brian Brown (Ryoo Lab), Lea Lough and Tim Cardozo (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology), and Sarah Neuman and Arash Bashirullah (University of Wisconsin, Madison).

Brian Brown Defends Thesis

Brian Brown, PhD, successfully defended his thesis on June 12, 2020. He is back in medical school to complete his MSTP degree. Congratulations, Brian!

Finnegan Roach, a Summer Student, to Attend the University of Chicago

Finnegan Roach, a summer student from Hunter High School, will attend the University of Chicago in fall 2021. Finn worked on bioinformatic approaches to predict ATF4 and Xrp1 binding sites in the Ryoo Lab, successfully identifying functional binding sites in stress-response target genes. Congratulations, Finn!

Deepika Vasudevan, PhD, Publishes in Cell Reports

While many studies on innate immunity focus on the transcriptional induction of anti-microbial peptides and other innate immune response genes, it is also known that viral or bacterial infection attenuates or shuts down mRNA translation. In her paper, Dr. Vasuvedan shows that the GCN2-ATF4 signaling pathway induces 4E-BP to bias translation and boost antimicrobial peptide synthesis in response to bacterial infection. Read more in Cell Reports.

Huai-Wei Huang and Team Publish in Cell Reports

Ryoo Lab researchers demonstrated that highroad is a carboxypetidase induced by retinoids to clear mutant Rhodopsin-1 in Drosophila retinitis pigmentosa models. Read more in Cell Reports.