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Center for Biospecimen Research & Development Center for Biospecimen Research & Development Featured Publications

Center for Biospecimen Research & Development Featured Publications

Our staff members and collaborators frequently publish their research in leading peer-reviewed publications. Here is a selection of their recent accomplishments.

Selected Publications

Guide for collecting and reporting metadata on protocol variables and parameters from slide-based histotechnology assays to enhance reproducibility

Chiriboga, Luis; Callis, Gayle M; Wang, Yongfu; Chlipala, Elizabeth

Journal of histotechnology. 2022 Nov 01; 1-16

Associations between TERT promoter mutations and survival in superficial spreading and nodular melanomas in a large prospective patient cohort

Chang, Gregory A; Robinson, Eric; Wiggins, Jennifer M; Zhang, Yilong; Tadepalli, Jyothirmayee S; Schafer, Christine N; Darvishian, Farbod; Berman, Russell S; Shapiro, Richard; Shao, Yongzhao; Osman, Iman; Polsky, David

Journal of investigative dermatology. 2022 Oct ; 142:2733-2743.e9

Risk and tropism of central nervous system (CNS) metastases in patients with stage II and III cutaneous melanoma

Johannet, Paul; Simons, Morgan; Qian, Yingzhi; Azmy, Nadine; Mehnert, Janice M; Weber, Jeffrey S; Zhong, Judy; Osman, Iman

Cancer. 2022 Oct ; 128:3620-3629

Baseline Serum Autoantibody Signatures Predict Recurrence and Toxicity in Melanoma Patients Receiving Adjuvant Immune Checkpoint Blockade

Johannet, Paul; Liu, Wenke; Fenyo, David; Wind-Rotolo, Megan; Krogsgaard, Michelle; Mehnert, Janice M; Weber, Jeffrey S; Zhong, Judy; Osman, Iman

Clinical cancer research. 2022 09 15; 28:4121-4130

Human hepatocyte PNPLA3-148M exacerbates rapid non-alcoholic fatty liver disease development in chimeric mice

Kabbani, Mohammad; Michailidis, Eleftherios; Steensels, Sandra; Fulmer, Clifton G; Luna, Joseph M; Le Pen, Jérémie; Tardelli, Matteo; Razooky, Brandon; Ricardo-Lax, Inna; Zou, Chenhui; Zeck, Briana; Stenzel, Ansgar F; Quirk, Corrine; Foquet, Lander; Ashbrook, Alison W; Schneider, William M; Belkaya, Serkan; Lalazar, Gadi; Liang, Yupu; Pittman, Meredith; Devisscher, Lindsey; Suemizu, Hiroshi; Theise, Neil D; Chiriboga, Luis; Cohen, David E; Copenhaver, Robert; Grompe, Markus; Meuleman, Philip; Ersoy, Baran A; Rice, Charles M; de Jong, Ype P

Cell reports. 2022 Sep 13; 40:111321

Perspectives in Melanoma: meeting report from the Melanoma Bridge (December 2nd - 4th, 2021, Italy)

Ascierto, Paolo A; Agarwala, Sanjiv S; Blank, Christian; Caracò, Corrado; Carvajal, Richard D; Ernstoff, Marc S; Ferrone, Soldano; Fox, Bernard A; Gajewski, Thomas F; Garbe, Claus; Grob, Jean-Jacques; Hamid, Omid; Krogsgaard, Michelle; Lo, Roger S; Lund, Amanda W; Madonna, Gabriele; Michielin, Olivier; Neyns, Bart; Osman, Iman; Peters, Solange; Poulikakos, Poulikos I; Quezada, Sergio A; Reinfeld, Bradley; Zitvogel, Laurence; Puzanov, Igor; Thurin, Magdalena

Journal of translational medicine. 2022 Sep 04; 20:391

DNA methylation profiling identifies subgroups of lung adenocarcinoma with distinct immune cell composition, DNA methylation age, and clinical outcome

Guidry, Kayla; Vasudevaraja, Varshini; Labbe, Kristen; Mohamed, Hussein; Serrano, Jonathan; Guidry, Brett W; DeLorenzo, Michael; Zhang, Hua; Deng, Jiehui; Sahu, Soumyadip; Almonte, Christina; Moreira, Andre L; Tsirigos, Aristotelis; Papagiannakopoulos, Thales; Pass, Harvey; Snuderl, Matija; Wong, Kwok-Kin

Clinical cancer research. 2022 Sep 01; 28:3824-3835

Author Correction: NFS1 undergoes positive selection in lung tumours and protects cells from ferroptosis

Alvarez, Samantha W; Sviderskiy, Vladislav O; Terzi, Erdem M; Papagiannakopoulos, Thales; Moreira, Andre L; Adams, Sylvia; Sabatini, David M; Birsoy, Kıvanç; Possemato, Richard

Nature. 2022 Sep ; 609:E12