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Segal Lab Publications

Learn more about the research being performed in our lab by reading Dr. Segal's latest publications.

Selected Publications

The microbiome and tuberculosis: state of the art, potential applications, and defining the clinical research agenda

Naidoo, Charissa C; Nyawo, Georgina R; Wu, Benjamin G; Walzl, Gerhard; Warren, Robin M; Segal, Leopoldo N; Theron, Grant

Lancet. Respiratory medicine. 2019 Oct ; 7:892-906

The Lung Microbiome and Its Role in Pneumonia

Wu, Benjamin G; Segal, Leopoldo N

Clinics in chest medicine. 2018 Dec ; 39:677-689

Smoking is associated with quantifiable differences in the human lung DNA virome and metabolome

Gregory, Ann C; Sullivan, Matthew B; Segal, Leopoldo N; Keller, Brian C

Respiratory research. 2018 Sep 12; 19:174

Airway Microbiota Is Associated with Up-Regulation of the PI3K Pathway in Lung Cancer

Tsay, Jun-Chieh J; Wu, Benjamin G; Badri, Michelle H; Clemente, Jose C; Shen, Nan; Meyn, Peter; Li, Yonghua; Yie, Ting-An; Lhakhang, Tenzin; Olsen, Evan; Murthy, Vivek; Michaud, Gaetane; Sulaiman, Imran; Tsirigos, Aristotelis; Heguy, Adriana; Pass, Harvey; Weiden, Michael D; Rom, William N; Sterman, Daniel H; Bonneau, Richard; Blaser, Martin J; Segal, Leopoldo N

American journal of respiratory & critical care medicine. 2018 Nov 01; 198:1188-1198

Anaerobic Bacterial Fermentation Products Increase Tuberculosis Risk in Antiretroviral-Drug-Treated HIV Patients

Segal, Leopoldo N; Clemente, Jose C; Li, Yonghua; Ruan, Chunhai; Cao, Jane; Danckers, Mauricio; Morris, Alison; Tapyrik, Sarah; Wu, Benjamin G; Diaz, Philip; Calligaro, Gregory; Dawson, Rodney; van Zyl-Smit, Richard N; Dheda, Keertan; Rom, William N; Weiden, Michael D

Cell host & microbe. 2017 Apr 12; 21:530-537.e4

Evaluation Of The Airway Microbiome In Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria [Meeting Abstract]

Scaglione, BD; Wu, BG; Li, Y; Alter, K; Gilani, J; Wang, A; Kamelhar, D; Addrizzo-Harris, D; Segal, L

American journal of respiratory & critical care medicine. 2016; 193:?-?

Enrichment of the lung microbiome with oral taxa is associated with lung inflammation of a Th17 phenotype

Segal, Leopoldo N; Clemente, Jose C; Tsay, Jun-Chieh J; Koralov, Sergei B; Keller, Brian C; Wu, Benjamin G; Li, Yonghua; Shen, Nan; Ghedin, Elodie; Morris, Alison; Diaz, Phillip; Huang, Laurence; Wikoff, William R; Ubeda, Carles; Artacho, Alejandro; Rom, William N; Sterman, Daniel H; Collman, Ronald G; Blaser, Martin J; Weiden, Michael D

Nature microbiology. 2016 Apr 04; 1:16031

Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with azithromycin selects for anti-inflammatory microbial metabolites in the emphysematous lung

Segal, Leopoldo N; Clemente, Jose C; Wu, Benjamin G; Wikoff, William R; Gao, Zhan; Li, Yonghua; Ko, Jane P; Rom, William N; Blaser, Martin J; Weiden, Michael D

Thorax. 2017 01 ; 72:13-22