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Technology Opportunities & Ventures

We connect science with industry to bring innovative new products to life.

Technology Opportunities and Ventures is the technology commercialization arm of NYU. It promotes the development of technologies created across NYU Grossman School of Medicine, NYU, and NYU Tandon School of Engineering, as well as our degree-granting branches in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

Led by a team of technology innovation experts, Technology Opportunities and Ventures evaluates and creates intellectual property (IP) strategies to help commercialize the outputs of NYU’s $930 million research base, and finds external partners that take on the creation of products. Our aim is to benefit the public while also providing resources to support NYU’s research, education, and patient care missions.

NYU has a strong track record of cultivating an innovative environment that successfully moves research discoveries from the laboratory to the market, and it has consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in the nation for generating license income and startup formation.

Technology Opportunities and Ventures comprises four focus areas.

Technology Transfer, Licensing, and Startup Formation

Technology Opportunities and Ventures promotes the commercial development of NYU technologies into products, pursuing its licensing to industry and driving the creation of new startup companies. Agreements for NYU technologies generally have upfront consideration, diligence obligations and payments, as well as a royalty on licensed products. NYU is willing to take equity in startup companies as upfront consideration in a license agreement.

Intellectual Property

As steward of NYU’s IP, Technology Opportunities and Ventures is responsible for evaluating, investing in, and licensing the results of the NYU research enterprise to third parties for the purposes of getting critical solutions to market and generating a fair and equitable return. Technology Opportunities and Ventures has an annual budget to cover IP filings and receives reimbursement for past expenses in any license agreements. We also review the IP implications of industry-sponsored research. In accordance with the IP policy, all innovations related to the performance of NYU research, regardless of source, are owned by NYU.


Technology Opportunities and Ventures is responsible for executing a number of contracts related to NYU research, including, but not always limited to, materials transfer agreements (MTAs), nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements (NDAs/CDAs), corporate-sponsored research (SRA), and options, licenses, and startup agreements. Our objective is to ensure any obligations placed on research support our core principles of freedom of inquiry, publication, and dissemination of results, while retaining the ability to leverage these results into solutions that generate positive societal and financial returns.

Investment and Commercialization Support

Technology Opportunities and Ventures has multiple ways to invest in promising early-stage innovation and is building out additional capacity to provide advice and support throughout the commercialization process, including IP protection and the following funding and programs.

Medical Device Fund

Technology Opportunities and Ventures can provide support to help de-risk early-stage medical device opportunities. Funding can include prototype development, hiring regulatory consultants to collaborate on designing a commercial path, animal studies to help deliver proof-of-concept results, or other areas that help advance the innovation and attract commercial partners.

Therapeutic Alliances

Therapeutics Alliances facilitates the translation of pioneering, medically relevant research to productive drug discovery projects. It also fosters greater partnerships with biopharma and investors for new biotechnology startups by advancing early-stage innovations through key milestones to improve the licensability and marketability of technology.

NYU Langone Health Venture Fund

Created in 2021, this captive, $25 million investment fund is dedicated to innovations focused on NYU Langone Health and NYU Grossman School of Medicine. The venture fund is intended to make early-stage investments in NYU startups focused on improving human health and patient care.

Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program

The Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program helps accelerate the commercialization of research discoveries by training postdocs, graduate students, and clinicians to become successful entrepreneurs in the biomedical field.

Partnership Opportunities

Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program