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Tsien Lab Tsien Lab Members

Tsien Lab Members

Members of the Tsien Lab collaborate to lead innovate studies designed to better understand many areas of neuroscience.

Principal Investigator


Richard Tsien, PhD

The Druckenmiller Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology
Professor, Department of Neurology
Email: richard.tsien@nyulangone.org

Associate Research Scientist and Lab Manager

Guoling Tian
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology
Email: guoling.tian@nyulangone.org

Associate Research Scientist

Israeli Ran
Associate Research Scientist
Dr. Ran is interested in the neural basis for information processing and storage. Particularly, he is interested in mechanisms which coordinate the transfer of signals between the presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes and how these processes optimize circuit function and give rise to short- and long-term memory.
Eamil: israeli.ran@nyulangone.org

Postdoctoral Fellows

Simon Chamberland
Research interests: the neuromodulation of hippocampal circuits.
Email: simon.chamberland@nyulangone.org

Macayla Donegan
Email: macayla.donegan@nyulangone.org

Samantha Larsen
Research interests: epigenetic basis of neuroimmune crosstalk in health and disease
Email: samantha.larsen@nyulangone.org

Jingjing Liu
Email: Jingjing.Liu@nyulangone.org

Joe Marlin
Email: joseph.marlin@nyulangone.org

Xiaohan Wang
Research interests: understanding the reciprocal regulation between neuronal activity and gene transcription.
Email: xiaohan.wang@nyulangone.org

Graduate Students

Gariel Grant
Email: gariel.grant@nyulangone.org

Houda Khaled
Email: houda.khaled@nyulangone.org

Raquel Moya
Research interests: the effect of genetic variation in neuropsychiatric disease on mechanisms that regulate gene expression
Email: raquel.moya@nyulangone.org

Simón(e) Sun
Research interests: forms of homeostatic plasticity and activity dependent regulation of synapses and excitability and the role voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs) play in signaling a neuron's activity levels
Email: sds553@nyu.edu

Undergraduate Students

Monica Hanani
Email: monica.hanani@nyulangone.org

Erica Nebet
Research interests: the anti-seizure mechanism of cannabidiol and hippocampal circuitry, in particular, the mechanisms implicated in various neurological disorders and the steps that can be taken to effectively counteract them
Email: erica.nebet@nyulangone.org