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Investigators in NYU Langone’s Wilson Lab frequently publish their work in leading publications. Read the latest papers to learn more about our research.

Recent Publications

Herpes Simplex Virus-1 ICP27 Nuclear Export Signal Mutants Exhibit Cell Type-Dependent Deficits in Replication and ICP4 Expression

Sanders, Leon Sylvester; Comar, Courtney E; Srinivas, Kalanghad Puthankalam; Lalli, Joseph; Salnikov, Mark; Lengyel, Joy; Southern, Peter; Mohr, Ian; Wilson, Angus C; Rice, Stephen A

Journal of virology. 2023 Jul 27; 97:e0195722

Novel viral splicing events and open reading frames revealed by long-read direct RNA sequencing of adenovirus transcripts

Price, Alexander M; Steinbock, Robert T; Lauman, Richard; Charman, Matthew; Hayer, Katharina E; Kumar, Namrata; Halko, Edwin; Lum, Krystal K; Wei, Monica; Wilson, Angus C; Garcia, Benjamin A; Depledge, Daniel P; Weitzman, Matthew D

PLoS pathogens. 2022 09 ; 18:e1010797

DLK-Dependent Biphasic Reactivation of Herpes Simplex Virus Latency Established in the Absence of Antivirals

Dochnal, Sara; Merchant, Husain Y; Schinlever, Austin R; Babnis, Aleksandra; Depledge, Daniel P; Wilson, Angus C; Cliffe, Anna R

Journal of virology. 2022 Jun 22; 96:e0050822

Impact of Cultured Neuron Models on α-Herpesvirus Latency Research

Wilson, Angus C

Viruses. 2022 Jun 02; 14:

DRUMMER-Rapid detection of RNA modifications through comparative nanopore sequencing

Abebe, Jonathan S; Price, Alexander M; Hayer, Katharina E; Mohr, Ian; Weitzman, Matthew D; Wilson, Angus C; Depledge, Daniel P

Bioinformatics. 2022 May 26; 38:3113-3115

HSV-1 immediate early proteins change biophysical properties of the infected cell nucleus [Meeting Abstract]

Herzog, Nora L.; Holt, Liam J.; Mohr, Ian; Wilson, Angus

Biophysical journal. 2022; 121:495A-495A

Control of animal virus replication by RNA adenosine methylation

Wilson, Angus C; Mohr, Ian

Advances in virus research. 2022 Jul ; 112:87-114

Single-cell transcriptomics identifies Gadd45b as a regulator of herpesvirus-reactivating neurons

Hu, Hui-Lan; Srinivas, Kalanghad P; Wang, Shuoshuo; Chao, Moses V; Lionnet, Timothee; Mohr, Ian; Wilson, Angus C; Depledge, Daniel P; Huang, Tony T

EMBO reports. 2021 Nov 29; e53543