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NYU Post-Graduate Medical School Mission Statement


As a leading academic and clinical institution, the NYU School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals are committed to three inseparable missions: the training of physicians, the search for new knowledge, and the care of the sick. The NYU Post-Graduate Medical School (NYU PGMS) strives to maintain and enhance these missions through life-long continuing medical education (CME) of the highest quality. To do so, NYU PGMS:

  • Designs activities that close professional practice gaps and measures the impact by eliciting and analyzing collected learner change data;
  • Maintains selective criteria in choosing its educational partnerships; and
  • Maintains a strict firewall between commercial support and content, and requests funding for activities from multiple commercial supporters

The overall goal of the NYU PGMS is to enhance clinical excellence in competence and physician performance, and, where possible, improve patient outcomes.

Content Area

NYU-PGMS incorporates the ACGME core competencies (patient care/safety, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, and system-based practice) as well as topics derived from the NYU Langone Medical Center Performance Improvement Program, and other comprehensive needs assessment processes in developing CME activities. The content of those activities is based on, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Medical advances in clinical practice
  • Medical research and technology
  • Incorporation of quality improvement issues into everyday clinical practice
  • Medical ethics
  • Health and healthcare disparities: prevalence of disease, diagnosis/treatment and access to care

Target Audience

NYU-PGMS sponsors CME activities that are designed to meet the educational needs of:

  • Full and part-time School of Medicine physicians and alumni, physicians at our affiliated hospitals, and other physicians in the region representing all specialties
  • National and international audiences of physicians
  • Other health professionals, including, but not limited to nurses, specialty/subspecialty coordinators, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, and psychologists

Type of Activities

NYU PGMS offers a range of CME offerings based on the identified need, target audience and expected results for that activity, including:

  • Live programs, including directly sponsored and jointly sponsored symposia/conferences, preceptorships, and courses
  • Enduring materials, both directly and jointly-sponsored, including Internet-based, audio, video, CD ROMs, and monographs
  • Departmental regularly scheduled series (e.g., grand rounds and journal clubs)

Expected Results

The NYU PGMS program is designed to create changes in physician competence and performance-in-practice, and where possible also improve patient outcomes. Areas of potential change include: demonstrated ability to solve medical problems; reported application of new scientific and clinical knowledge, skill, and techniques; reported adherence to medical ethics in practice; expanded awareness of health disparities and responsiveness to identified quality improvement issues.

The NYU PGMS will measure this change through post-activity evaluation and outcomes surveys, including post-test questions and a variety of innovative outcomes measurements. Additionally the NYU PGMS will measure its administrative effectiveness, efficiency, and perceived compliance through satisfaction evaluations from both participants and course directors, and through rigorous staff evaluation and analysis.

The NYU PGMS will analyze its CME program on an ongoing basis and will produce a summary report of effectiveness annually.

Policies and Procedures

• Faculty Honoraria Policy 

• Faculty Reimbursement Policy
• Policy on Commercial Support  • Revised Fee Schedule
• Commercial Exhibits Policy  • Social Events Policy
• Content Validation Policy • Educational Planning Policy
• Joint Sponsorship Policy  • Disclosure Policy
• RSS Policy • Policy on Enduring Materials
• Policy on the Collection and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest  
• Glossary Terms  

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