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Tech4Health Institute Tech4Health Institute Mission

Tech4Health Institute Mission

From technology startups to tech and pharma giants, teams around the world are racing to invent the next generation of biomedical technologies. The Tech4Health Institute embeds engineers and physicists with physicians and biologists to develop technologies that will have maximum impact on the day-to-day practice of medicine and biomedical science.

We are NYU Langone’s hub for the development of transformative devices to monitor, modulate, and analyze biosignals.

Our multidisciplinary team and state-of-the-art facilities provide an environment in which scientists, clinicians, engineers, and trainees are driven to explore, innovate, and collaborate. Our faculty pursue high-impact, technology-focused projects, while our dedicated maker team performs rapid prototyping and tackles engineering challenges posed by a broad array of stakeholders across the institution.

In our training activities, we strive to inspire the next generation of innovators in biomedical technology to address pressing unsolved technical challenges and key unmet needs in human health and scientific discovery.

Our Research Themes

We aim to invent and build advanced devices that monitor the body through portable, wearable, or implantable sensors that track vital health measures. We also devise novel imaging technologies that visualize complex physiological processes with high accuracy, resolution, and speed.

Our teams make devices to modulate the body using safe and minimally invasive therapeutic interventions, such as new technologies for electromagnetic, optical, acoustic, and thermal stimulation. We also build advanced microdevices for robotic surgery.

Understanding the data that emerge from newly developed monitoring and therapeutic devices is integral to our work. We apply modern analytical techniques, such as machine learning, to detect significant patterns.