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Tech4Health Institute Tech4Health Institute Facilities & Resources

Tech4Health Institute Facilities & Resources

NYU Langone’s Tech4Health Institute, founded in 2018, is located at 433 First Avenue, part of the NYU Langone superblock in Midtown Manhattan. Our labs, offices, and shared spaces occupy state-of-the-art facilities on the 10th floor.

Engineering Team and Makerspace

The Tech4Health Institute engineering team is an advanced rapid-response maker group. The team works closely with scientists and clinicians to provide electrical, mechanical, and software engineering support; rapid prototyping; three-dimensional (3D) printing; and precision machining and lithography. We also perform innovative research and development in microsensors, microdevices, and microrobotics. Our dedicated makerspace is equipped with electronic test equipment, 3D printers, circuit routers, inspection and assembly microscopes, and more.

Bioimaging Center

Our bioimaging center is staffed with expert technicians and top-of-the-line instruments and technologies.

Multiphoton Imaging and Electrophysiology

The center is equipped with three microscopes with multiphoton imaging capabilities that include femtosecond lasers, amplified femtosecond laser/optical parametric amplifier (OPA) systems for high-energy applications, gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) photomultiplier tubes, fast 3D scanning technologies, and spatial-light-modulator–based holography for patterned excitation. These systems are equipped with two patch-clamp amplifiers for whole-cell or cell-attached recordings.

Optoacoustic Imaging

Our custom-designed optoacoustic imaging setup is based on a spherical matrix array design. The modular integrated system includes a custom IMASONIC spherical ultrasonic transducer, an InnoLas tunable nanosecond-pulse optical parametric oscillator, and a custom Falkenstein Mikrosysteme electronic high-speed data acquisition system. The system can accommodate both awake and anesthetized animals, including rats and mice, as needed, and is easy to operate by a non-specialized user. The system can operate at high spatial (less than 100 μm) and temporal (more than 100 Hz) sampling rates.

Laboratory Facilities

Our central 1,400-square-foot bench space contains 12 lab benches, suitable for both wet biochemical research and device development, and 4 chemical hoods. Adjacent rooms hold autoclave and refrigeration facilities and equipment bays. An additional 700-square-foot laboratory contains 6 benches and a chemical hood. Three other smaller laboratory rooms, comprising approximately 300 square feet in total, contain additional bench space and a biosafety hood.

Collaborative Space and Ancillary Facilities

Offices, open seating areas, and shared meeting spaces occupy the periphery of the 10th floor. Additional conference room space and other core scientific and educational facilities are available on other floors at 433 First Avenue, which is shared among NYU Langone, NYU College of Dentistry, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, and NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Tech4Health Institute staff operate ancillary laboratory and machine shop facilities in the Neuroscience Institute, with nearby animal housing and other core facilities. The Tech4Health team and our collaborators have access to NYU Langone’s extensive scientific cores and shared resources.