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Virtual & Augmented Reality

World-changing technologies like virtual and augmented realities (VR/AR) are poised to redefine and diversify the ways in which we train physicians. VR/AR captures the advantages of mobile technologies, high-resolution graphics, and low-barrier natural interfaces for the visualization of complex systems and realistic simulations.

Creating the next generation of innovative and advanced practice using VR/AR is no small task. The dedication and expertise of our faculty at NYU Langone are crucial to develop and implement this technology here. Our Virtual Reality in Medical Education Certificate course is designed to keep faculty informed of the latest advancements. Watch how a participant of our certificate course, Victoria M. Harnik, PhD, uses VR and three-dimensional printing to explain complex and difficult understanding of major vessels in the brain.

At NYU School of Medicine, essential skills traditionally separated by time and location are combined into a cohesive, clinically relevant VR/AR learning experience. Education via VR/AR enables more immersive, engaging, and experiential learning to occur by presenting data in a way that deepens essential medical knowledge.

3D scanned model of actual human pelvis.

We build VR experiences using higher-end devices like HTC VIVE to the more affordable Google Cardboard. We also offer a range of AR solutions by leveraging our Learner iPad program and experimenting with the Microsoft HoloLens.

To learn more or to arrange a consultation, contact Greg Dorsainville, MPS, senior multimedia developer, at Please include in your email subject line "VR and AR."

Exploring complex human anatomy using the 3D Organon VR
Exploring complex human anatomy using the 3D Organon VR by Medis Media.