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Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Programs & Divisions

Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Programs & Divisions

The Institute for Innovations in Medical Education is home to several divisions and programs: the Division of Educational Informatics, the Division of Education Quality, the Division of Learning Analytics, the Program for Digital Learning, and the Educator Community.

Division of Educational Informatics

For more than 20 years, the Division of Educational Informatics has served as an educational technology laboratory for informatics innovation at NYU School of Medicine. These innovations, along with digital applications, drive curricular evolution, enable NYU School of Medicine to meet its educational goals, promote teaching and learning in new ways, and serve as the basis of our reporting and regulatory compliance.

The division has established a national reputation and has played a key role in shaping the future of educational technology in health professions education. It has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems Program, the National Science Foundation Advanced Learning Technologies Program, the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education.

Education Data Section

In 2015, a new Section on Education Data within the Division of Educational Informatics was established and charged with leading the transformation to a data-driven culture by delivering high-quality longitudinal education data and advanced analytical tools to drive decisions and insight across the education continuum.

We focus on the following areas:

  • infrastructure development around NYU School of Medicine’s education data
  • data visualization and dashboards
  • self-service business intelligence
  • advanced statistical computing
  • integration of clinical and education data
  • data governance

Division of Education Quality

The Division of Education Quality focuses on the integrated and longitudinal evaluation of curriculum that captures educational innovation and outcomes across the undergraduate medical education to graduate medical education continuum.

We have the following three main aims:

  • quality: establish continuous quality improvement processes to ensure that educational efforts are leading to intended learning outcomes
  • effectiveness: turn evaluation data into insight by producing evaluations that facilitate understanding and action
  • efficiency: refine evaluation systems and workflows to create efficient, streamlined, and consistent processes, in order to make the best use of available resources while minimizing burden and disruption

Division of Learning Analytics

The Division of Learning Analytics facilitates innovation in the use of education data at NYU School of Medicine. Our mission is to identify and develop innovative learning analytics measures for improving the process and effectiveness of medical education.

Our faculty and staff have expertise in some of the more advanced education research data analysis methods, including linear modeling, item-response theory, classical test theory, and learning curve methodologies.

Program for Digital Learning

The Program for Digital Learning is dedicated to the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of digital-learning resources for medical education. The program helps faculty to improve and standardize the delivery of their educational content. We also provide templates that guide both learners and educators as they navigate the rich set of educational opportunities at NYU School of Medicine.

By collaborating with faculty, the program has developed more than 200 online learning modules and 30 multitouch, interactive ebooks for undergraduate and graduate medical education through the Digital Press.

Our expertise includes instructional design, digital publishing, elearning, usability and user experience, and outcomes analysis and research.

Educator Community

In 2016, the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education launched NYU School of Medicine’s Educator Community to inspire and support faculty who lead and advance the medical school’s educational mission. 

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