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Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Institute for Innovations in Medical Education News & Events

Institute for Innovations in Medical Education News & Events

Members of NYU Langone’s Institute for Innovations in Medical Education are frequently mentioned in the news, and we are proud to showcase them here. In addition, we host events throughout the year for faculty and staff and invite you to join us.

NYU Grossman School of Medicine Transition to Residency Advantage

NYU Grossman School of Medicine is one of eight awardees of a grant from the American Medical Association that aims to better align residency training with the growing and changing needs of patients, communities, and the current and future healthcare system.

2020 News

‘Big Data’ Approach That Predicts Academic Success May Lead to Personalized Medical School Training (NYU Langone NewsHub)

How a Med School in a COVID-19 Hot Spot Is Deploying Early Graduates (AMA News)

Past News Highlights

Please see below for additional news about us.

2019 News

How Free Medical School Tuition Can Change the Physician Workforce (AMA News)

Can You Teach Anatomy Without Cadavers? (NYU Langone NewsHub)

2018 News

Using Big Data to Strengthen the Connection Between Medical Education and Patient Care (NYU Langone NewsHub)

Free Medical School Tuition at NYU Marks Bold Step (AMA News)

New Approach Equips Med School Grads for Tomorrow’s Health System (AMA News)

Training the Next Generation of Doctors and Nurses (New York Times)

How 3 Medical Schools Use Informatics for Precise Assessment (AMA News)

2017 News

NYU School of Meicine Receives 2017–2019 Apple Distinguished School Award (Kerberos ID and password required)

Harnessing the Power of New Technology to Transform Physician Training—Not Disrupt It (NYU Langone NewsHub)

Pre-clinical Med Students Perform Health Data Deep Dives (AMA News)

Bringing Population Health into Medical Education (Interdisciplinary Association of Population Health Science)

Leveraging Technology Toward the Pursuit of Excellence (Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation)

First-Ever Online Data Tool Allows City Leaders to Examine Health of Their Urban Populations and Take Action (Newswise)

2016 News

Transgender Actors Teach NYU Langone Med Students to Be Better Doctors (Crain’s New York Business)

‘More Than Just Facts’: The Future of Medical Education (Medscape)

2015 News

Med Students Use Art to Observe, Data to Spot Trends (Huffington Post)

School of Medicine Introduces Big Data Training (Washington Square News)

Big Data Is Watching You (What’s Up Doc?)

NYU Medical Students Learning How to Analzye Big Data (iMedicalApps)

Healthcare Big Data Analytics in Med School Marks Turning Point (HealthIT Analytics)

Medical Students Crunch Big Data to Spot Health Trends (National Public Radio)

Data and Medical Education: Reimagining the Medical School (The EvoLLLution)

Data and Medical Education: Reimagining Medical Instruction (The EvoLLLution)

The Changing Face of Medical Education: Big Data, Self-Paced Learning (MedPage Today)

NYU Nursing and Medical Students Learn Teamwork with Virtual Teammates (

Video: Patient-Generated Health Tests Pose Challenges, Opportunities for Doctors (Clinical Endocrinology News)

Schools Reconsidering How Med School Applicants Are Evaluated (American Medical Association)

Video: How to Fix Medical Education (Wall Street Journal)

Innovation Is Sweeping Through U.S. Medical Schools (Wall Street Journal)

EHRs, Big Data Take Medical Curriculum to School (Becker Hospital Review)

2014 News

Doctor Conference with a Difference: Rappers, Undertakers-Poets and Medical Start-Ups Confer in Dublin (Irish Times)

Real Clinical Data Gives Medical Students New Perspectives (AMA News)

Medical Schools Preparing Students for Rapid Changes (AMA News)

NYU School of Medicine, AMA Mark Major Milestone in Reshaping Medical Education Nationwide (NYU Langone NewsHub)

The Drawn-Out Medical Degree (New York Times)

Why Training Adaptive Learners Will Be Essential to Med Ed (AMA News)