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Division of Nephrology Research Recent Nephrology Publications

Recent Nephrology Publications

NYU Langone’s Division of Nephrology faculty publish frequently in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Here is a selection of the most recent publications across our faculty.

Redlining has led to increasing rates of nephrolithiasis in minoritized populations: a hypothesis

Scotland, Kymora B; Cushing, Lara; Scales, Charles D; Eisenman, David P; Goldfarb, David S

Current opinion in nephrology & hypertension. 2023 Jan 01; 32:103-109

Acute Kidney Injury in CKD: Role of Metabolic Acidosis

Kaufman, James S.

Kidney international reports. 2022 Dec 01; 7:2555-2557

Outcomes of PD for AKI treatment during COVID-19 in New York City: A multicenter study

Sourial, Maryanne Y; Gone, Anirudh; Uribarri, Jaime; Srivatana, Vesh; Sharma, Shuchita; Shimonov, Daniil; Chang, Michael; Mowrey, Wenzhu; Dalsan, Rochelle; Sedaliu, Kaltrina; Jain, Swati; Ross, Michael J; Caplin, Nina; Chen, Wei

Peritoneal dialysis international. 2022 Nov 01; 8968608221130559

Beyond the Urine Anion Gap: In Support of the Direct Measurement of Urinary Ammonium

Uribarri, Jaime; Goldfarb, David S; Raphael, Kalani L; Rein, Joshua L; Asplin, John R

American journal of kidney diseases. 2022 Nov ; 80:667-676

Corrigendum to PHASE 2 STUDY TO EVALUATE EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF PEGCETACOPLAN IN THE TREATMENT OF PATIENTS WITH POSTTRANSPLANT RECURRENCE OF C3G OR IC MPGN (Kidney International Reports (2022) 7(6S) (S458"“S459), (S2468024922013468), (10.1016/j.ekir.2022.04.069))

Pickering, M.; Dixon, B.; Walker, P.; Fakhowri, F.; Soomro, I.; Cook, T.; Zhang, Z.; Ahmad, Z.; Kocinsky, H.

Kidney international reports. 2022 Oct 01; 7:2321-?

BNT162b2 vaccine effectiveness in chronic kidney disease patients-an observational study

Bielopolski, Dana; Libresco, Gilad; Barda, Noam; Dagan, Noa; Steinmetz, Tali; Yahav, Dafna; Charytan, David M; Balicer, Ran D; Rozen-Zvi, Benaya

Clinical kidney journal. 2022 Oct ; 15:1838-1846

Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy Attainment and Outcomes in Dialysis-Requiring Versus Nondialysis Chronic Kidney Disease in the ISCHEMIA-CKD Trial

Mathew, Roy O; Maron, David J; Anthopolos, Rebecca; Fleg, Jerome L; O'Brien, Sean M; Rockhold, Frank W; Briguori, Carlo; Roik, Marek F; Mazurek, Tomasz; Demkow, Marcin; Malecki, Robert; Ye, Zhiming; Kaul, Upendra; Miglinas, Marius; Stone, Gregg W; Wald, Ron; Charytan, David M; Sidhu, Mandeep S; Hochman, Judith S; Bangalore, Sripal

Circulation. Cardiovascular quality & outcomes. 2022 Oct ; 15:e008995

Platelet Activity and Cardiovascular Risk in CKD and Peripheral Artery Disease

Cofer, Lucas B; Soomro, Qandeel H; Xia, Yuhe; Luttrell-Williams, Elliot; Myndzar, Khrystyna; Charytan, David M; Berger, Jeffrey S

Kidney international reports. 2022 Oct ; 7:2242-2250