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Division of Precision Medicine

We translate research findings into meaningful ways of improving patient outcomes.

The Division of Precision Medicine in the Department of Medicine at NYU Langone brings together clinicians and computational scientists to perform innovative, clinically relevant research in areas that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and cancer. We are dedicated to bringing the fruits of research investigations to patients and the community.

Our faculty use information from electronic health records, clinical trials data, research cohorts, and biorepositories to enhance patient-specific healthcare and discover new therapies. We leverage medical records for disease risk prediction and pharmacoepidemiology, genetics and advanced single-cell and spatial multiomics technologies, artificial intelligence (AI)–assisted diagnosis from medical images, and mobile digital health applications with the goal of improving health.

Faculty Leadership

Morgan E. Grams, MD
Co-Director, Division of Precision Medicine
Clinical Professor, Departments of Medicine and Population Health

Aristotelis Tsirigos, PhD
Co-Director, Division of Precision Medicine
Professor, Department of Pathology

Contact Us

For more information about the Division of Precision Medicine, please contact Alex Buslovich, department administrator, at aleksey.buslovich@nyulangone.org or Shirley Cabrera, administrative coordinator, at 212-263-2978 or shirley.cabrera@nyulangone.org.