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World Trade Center Health Program Information for Patients World Trade Center Health Program Pharmacy Services

World Trade Center Health Program Pharmacy Services

Access to pharmacy services is readily available through NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program Clinical Center of Excellence.

Refilling Your Prescription

If you have refills left on a prescription, you may call NYU Langone’s Ambulatory Care Pharmacy automatic refill line at 212-263-7319, no earlier than seven days before your medication runs out, to request your next month’s supply. The number of refills you have remaining is listed on the lower right-hand side of your medication bottle or box.

If you’ve already had a prescription filled at our pharmacy, you can submit a refill request online. You may also request automatic refills by calling the pharmacy or letting our WTC Health Program staff know you are interested in this option.

If You Are Out of Refills

If you do not have refills left on your prescription and have not seen your WTC Health Program doctor within the past three months, you must call our office for a treatment appointment. To avoid a delay in receiving your medications, do not wait until your medications run out completely before calling for an appointment.

Prescription Coverage

The only prescriptions covered by the program are those that have been written by WTC Health Program–authorized physicians and in accordance with WTC Health Program guidelines. Unauthorized prescriptions are not covered.

Contact Us

Please call the WTC Health Program office at 212-263-7335 Monday through Friday between 9:00AM and 5:00PM if you have any issues with or questions about medications. During off hours, please leave a message.