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Department of Neurology Research Neurology Publications

Neurology Publications

NYU Langone’s Department of Neurology faculty publish frequently in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals. Here is a selection of their recent publications.

Cohen, Bruce H; Busis, Neil A; Ciccarelli, Luana

Continuum : lifelong learning in neurology. 2020 Jun; 26:

Fenfluramine hydrochloride for the treatment of seizures in Dravet syndrome: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Lagae, Lieven; Sullivan, Joseph; Knupp, Kelly; Laux, Linda; Polster, Tilman; Nikanorova, Marina; Devinsky, Orrin; Cross, J Helen; Guerrini, Renzo; Talwar, Dinesh; Miller, Ian; Farfel, Gail; Galer, Bradley S; Gammaitoni, Arnold; Mistry, Arun; Morrison, Glenn; Lock, Michael; Agarwal, Anupam; Lai, Wyman W; Ceulemans, Berten

Lancet. 2020 Dec 21; 394:2243-2254

Control of Channel Clustering by Cleavage

Salzer, James L

Neuron. 2020 Jun 03; 106:707-709

Randomized phase 2 study of adjunctive cenobamate in patients with uncontrolled focal seizures

Chung, Steve S; French, Jacqueline A; Kowalski, Jacek; Krauss, Gregory L; Lee, Sang Kun; Maciejowski, Maciej; Rosenfeld, William E; Sperling, Michael R; Mizne, Sarah; Kamin, Marc

Neurology. 2020 Jun 02; 94:e2311-e2322

Independent anterograde transport and retrograde cotransport of domain components of myelinated axons

Bekku, Yoko; Salzer, James L

Journal of cell biology. 2020 Jun 01; 219:

Preoperative liking and wanting for sweet beverages as predictors of body weight loss after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy

Perez-Leighton, Claudio E; Hamm, Jeon D; Shechter, Ari; Tamura, Shoran; Laferrère, Blandine; Albu, Jeanine; Greenberg, Danielle; Kissileff, Harry R

International journal of obesity (2005). 2020 Jun ; 44:1350-1359

Correlation of Visual Quality of Life With Clinical and Visual Status in Friedreich Ataxia

Afsharian, Parisa; Nolan-Kenney, Rachel; Lynch, Abigail E; Balcer, Laura J; Lynch, David R

Journal of neuroophthalmology. 2020 Jun ; 40:213-217

Minimum Competency Recommendations for Programs that Provide Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Disorders of Consciousness: A Position Statement of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems

Giacino, Joseph T; Whyte, John; Nakase-Richardson, Risa; Katz, Douglas I; Arciniegas, David B; Blum, Sonja; Day, Kristin; Greenwald, Brian D; Hammond, Flora M; Pape, Theresa Bender; Rosenbaum, Amy; Seel, Ronald T; Weintraub, Alan; Yablon, Stuart; Zafonte, Ross D; Zasler, Nathan

Archives of physical medicine & rehabilitation. 2020 Jun ; 101:1072-1089