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Environmental Pediatrics Research

Our research informs new policies to protect children from harmful environmental exposures.

Researchers in NYU Langone’s Division of Environmental Pediatrics investigate how childhood exposure to chemicals in the environment leads to chronic disease. We also analyze the long-term economic and health costs of failing to implement policies that protect children from environmental hazards.

Our pioneering research studies provide vital data on a range of environmental hazards that affect children and include the National Institutes of Health–sponsored Children’s Health and Environment Study to analyze the role of the environment in child development and disability.

We lead policy initiatives all over the world. Through collaborative analyses, we determine the disease burden and economic costs of childhood exposures. These data help us convey to world leaders that protective policies would benefit both children and the economy.

Our faculty are internationally recognized as leaders in the field and often publish in leading scientific journals. Our published work is among the first to examine links between environmental chemicals and obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and kidney disease in children and adolescents.

Research Studies

Through targeted research projects, we clarify the role of environmental hazards in chronic childhood disease.

Policy Initiatives

We assess the disease burden and economic costs of childhood exposure to environmental hazards.

Children’s Health and Environment Study

Our National Institutes of Health–funded study examines the health effects of environmental hazards.

Faculty Publications

Find out more about our research by reading the latest papers published by our faculty.

Participate in a Study

Learn more about volunteering for one of our research studies.