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Division of Comparative Effectiveness & Decision Science Section on Value & Effectiveness

Section on Value & Effectiveness

The United States spends far more money on healthcare per capita than many other high-income nations, yet often delivers health improvements that are modest and unevenly distributed. In the Section on Value and Effectiveness Research (SOLVE), part of NYU Langone’s Division of Comparative Effectiveness and Decision Science, we aim to improve health and healthcare by conducting discipline-bridging research. Our work focuses on understanding and quantifying medical and social risks, measuring value in healthcare, optimizing allocation of limited resources, and improving health communication and decision making.

We use tools from decision sciences, epidemiology, social sciences, implementation science, and health services research to solve compelling clinical and public health questions. Our goal is to contribute to interventions that reduce unnecessary care, increase needed care, and get the best “bang” for our healthcare “buck.” Ultimately, we seek to reduce inequities and improve population health, well-being, and health policy.

Some of our work involves building mathematical models to advise clients, including state and local government agencies and managed care companies, about how to allocate their resources most effectively. We work directly with these stakeholders to translate our findings into improved clinical guidelines, quality measurements, clinical decision support, consumer education, and incentives. We publish our findings in top-tier, scientific, peer-reviewed journals.

Our recommendations are guided by three principles:

  • personalization: tailor healthcare to match an individual’s medical history and preferences
  • prioritization: advise organizations on the benefits of different interventions, and where they can most effectively focus their efforts
  • resource allocation: provide our clients with plans that deliver the highest-quality care with the resources available

Another important initiative in SOLVE is to strategically guide NYU Langone in the collection, analysis, and use of patient-reported outcome measures, including those that assess quality-of-life and well-being.

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