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NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center Tools & Publications NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center Community Health Worker Toolkit

NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center Community Health Worker Toolkit

The NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center at NYU Langone has developed a comprehensive toolkit of materials available for use by community health workers (CHWs) or CHW programs. This free toolkit can be used to provide education, as well as help CHWs document their interactions with community members.

Available materials include a Toolkit Training Manual, a template Progress Note, and eight educational FlipCharts covering various health and wellness topics. These resources were developed for use in the Harlem Health Advocacy Partners Program, but can be adapted to fit the unique needs of other CHW programs.

Community Health Worker Toolkit Training Manual

The CHW Toolkit Manual is an instructional guide for using the CHW Toolkit materials. The manual provides full instructions on how to use and present the FlipChart information to community members. Access the CHW Toolkit Training Manual.

Community Health Worker Progress Note

The CHW Progress Note is a template that can be used to document encounters with community members. The template collects information such as progress with goal-setting, requested referrals, and educational content discussed. Access the CHW Progress Note.

Please note that this resource is a document template only, and should be tailored to fit the unique needs of individual programs or projects.

Community Health Worker FlipCharts

The CHW FlipCharts are two-way visual aids designed to help CHWs provide brief educational instruction to community members on a variety of health and wellness topics. These resources can help the community health worker keep the discussion on track and provide the participant with basic visuals and messages to reinforce the discussion.

Access the Diabetes 101 FlipChart:

  • Topics: Myths and Facts about Diabetes; Glucose and Insulin; What Is Diabetes?; Type 1 versus Type 2 Diabetes; Risk Factors for Diabetes; Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia; Taking Care of Your Diabetes Every Day; Monitoring Your Diabetes; Know Your Numbers

Access the Diabetes Complications FlipChart:

  • Topics: Effects of Diabetes; Nerve Health; Eye Health; Oral Health; Heart Health; Kidney Health; Footcare; Who Is on Your Care Team?

Access the Hypertension 101 FlipChart:

  • Topics: What Is Blood Pressure?; What Is Hypertension?; Heart Disease Risk Factors; Taking Care of Your Heart Every Day; Make Control Your Goal; Monitoring Your Blood Pressure; Know Your ABCs

Access the Hypertension 201 FlipChart:

  • Topics: Basics of Cholesterol; LDL and HDL; Total Cholesterol; Triglycerides; Heart-Healthy Diet; Heart Attack Basics; Know the Warning Signs; Stroke Risk and Warning Signs; Make a Plan: Talking to Your Family and Friends

Access the Nutrition FlipChart:

  • Topics: Energy In versus Energy Out; Plate Method for Portion Control; Understanding a Nutrition Facts Label; Avoiding Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium; Barriers to Healthy Eating; Making Healthy Choices when Eating Out; Shopping on a Budget; Health Food Shopping in the Neighborhood

Access the Physical Activity FlipChart:

  • Topics: What Is Physical Activity?; Myths and Facts about Physical Activity; Why Is Being Active so Important?; How Much Physical Activity Do I Need?; What Activities Can I Do?; How to Prepare Myself to Do Regular Physical Activity; How Do I Stay Consistent?; Staying on Track with a Buddy

Access the Smoking and Your Health FlipChart:

  • Topics: Types of Cigarettes: Know the Facts; How Does Smoking Affect Your Health?; Health Benefits of Quitting; Smoking and Your Wallet; Secondhand Smoke; Creating a Quit Plan; Dealing with Triggers; Turning a Relapse into Something Positive

Access the Stress Management and Family Support FlipChart:

  • Topics: What Is Stress?; Common Causes of Stress; How Does Stress Affect My Body?; How Does Stress Affect My Behavior?; How Does Stress Affect My Emotions?; Managing Stress; Managing Emotions; Family Support