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NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center Scientific Publications

Faculty in the NYU-CUNY Prevention Research Center at NYU Langone publish the results of their collaborative research in a variety of prestigious academic journals. Read our latest papers to learn more about our research.

Featured Publications

Bone and non-contractile soft tissue changes following open kinetic chain resistance training and testosterone treatment in spinal cord injury: an exploratory study

Holman, M E; Chang, G; Ghatas, M P; Saha, P K; Zhang, X; Khan, M R; Sima, A P; Adler, R A; Gorgey, A S

Osteoporosis international. 2021 Jul ; 32:1321-1332

The stigma system: How sociopolitical domination, scapegoating, and stigma shape public health

Friedman, Samuel R; Williams, Leslie D; Guarino, Honoria; Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro; Krawczyk, Noa; Hamilton, Leah; Walters, Suzan M; Ezell, Jerel M; Khan, Maria; Di Iorio, Jorgelina; Yang, Lawrence H; Earnshaw, Valerie A

Journal of community psychology. 2021 Jun 11;

Estimating the Influence of Incarceration on Subsequent Experience With Violence Among Black Men Who Have Sex With Men in the HPTN061 Study

Dyer, Typhanye V; Feelemyer, Jonathan; Scheidell, Joy D; Turpin, Rodman E; Brewer, Russell; Mazumdar, Medha; Fortune, Nicole; Severe, MacRegga; Cleland, Charles M; Remch, Molly; Mayer, Kenneth; Khan, Maria R

Journal of interpersonal violence. 2021 Jun 09; 8862605211021970

Association of Syndemic Unhealthy Alcohol Use, Smoking, and Depressive Symptoms on Incident Cardiovascular Disease among Veterans With and Without HIV-Infection

Chichetto, Natalie E; Kundu, Suman; Freiberg, Matthew S; Koethe, John R; Butt, Adeel A; Crystal, Stephen; So-Armah, Kaku A; Cook, Robert L; Braithwaite, R Scott; Justice, Amy C; Fiellin, David A; Khan, Maria; Bryant, Kendall J; Gaither, Julie R; Barve, Shirish S; Crothers, Kristina; Bedimo, Roger J; Warner, Alberta; Tindle, Hilary A

AIDS & behavior. 2021 Jun 08;

Social and Economic Differences in Neighborhood Walkability Across 500 U.S. Cities

Conderino, Sarah E; Feldman, Justin M; Spoer, Benjamin; Gourevitch, Marc N; Thorpe, Lorna E

American journal of preventive medicine. 2021 Jun 06;

Validation of the Opioid Overdose Risk Behavior Scale, version 2 (ORBS-2)

Elliott, Luther; Crasta, Dev; Khan, Maria; Roth, Alexis; Green, Traci; Kolodny, Andrew; Bennett, Alex S

Drug & alcohol dependence. 2021 Jun 01; 223:108721

A Community Health Worker-Led Intervention to Improve Blood Pressure Control in an Immigrant Community With Comorbid Diabetes: Data From Two Randomized, Controlled Trials Conducted in 2011-2019

Beasley, Jeannette M; Shah, Megha; Wyatt, Laura C; Zanowiak, Jennifer; Trinh-Shevrin, Chau; Islam, Nadia S

American journal of public health. AJPH. 2021 Jun ; 111:1040-1044

Structural Racism and Immigrant Health in the United States

Misra, Supriya; Kwon, Simona C; Abraído-Lanza, Ana F; Chebli, Perla; Trinh-Shevrin, Chau; Yi, Stella S

Health education & behavior. 2021 Jun ; 48:332-341