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Surgery Publications

NYU Langone’s Department of Surgery faculty publish regularly in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Here is a selection of the most recent publications across our faculty.

Navigating the U.S. regulatory landscape for neurologic digital health technologies

Busis, Neil A; Marolia, Dilshad; Montgomery, Robert; Balcer, Laura J; Galetta, Steven L; Grossman, Scott N

NPJ digital medicine. 2024 Apr 12; 7:94

Reduced Intravenous Contrast Dose Portal Venous Phase Photon-Counting Computed Tomography Compared With Conventional Energy-Integrating Detector Portal Venous Phase Computed Tomography

Dane, Bari; Mabud, Tarub; Melamud, Kira; Ginocchio, Luke; Smereka, Paul; Okyere, Mabel; O'Donnell, Thomas; Megibow, Alec

Journal of computer assisted tomography. 2024 Apr 10;

Age Disparities in Access to First and Repeat Kidney Transplantation

Chen, Yusi; Churilla, Bryce; Ahn, JiYoon B; Quint, Evelien E; Sandal, Shaifali; Musunuru, Amrusha; Pol, Robert A; Hladek, Melissa D; Crews, Deidra C; Segev, Dorry L; McAdams-DeMarco, Mara

Transplantation. 2024 Apr 01; 108:845-853

The vial can help: Standardizing vial design to reduce the risk of medication errors

Bitan, Yuval; O'Connor, Michael F; Nunnally, Mark E

International anesthesiology clinics. 2024 Apr 01; 62:58-61

A novel SUCNR1 inhibitor alleviates dysbiosis through inhibition of host responses without direct interaction with host microbiota

Thomas, Scott C; Guo, Yuqi; Xu, Fangxi; Saxena, Deepak; Li, Xin

Molecular oral microbiology. 2024 Apr ; 39:80-90

Imaging of Antepartum and Postpartum Hemorrhage

Melamud, Kira; Wahab, Shaun A; Smereka, Paul N; Dighe, Manjiri K; Glanc, Phyllis; Kamath, Amita; Maheshwari, Ekta; Scoutt, Leslie M; Hindman, Nicole M

Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc. 2024 Apr ; 44:e230164

Current trends and outcomes for unilateral groin hernia repairs in the United States using the Abdominal Core Health Quality Collaborative database: A multicenter propensity score matching analysis of 30-day and 1-year outcomes

Lima, Diego L; Nogueira, Raquel; Dominguez Profeta, Rebeca; Huang, Li-Ching; Cavazzola, Leandro Totti; Malcher, Flavio; Sreeramoju, Prashanth

Surgery. 2024 Apr ; 175:1071-1080

Impact of recipient age on mortality among Cytomegalovirus (CMV)-seronegative lung transplant recipients with CMV-seropositive donors

Belga, Sara; Hussain, Sarah; Avery, Robin K; Nauroz, Zeba; Durand, Christine M; King, Elizabeth A; Massie, Allan; Segev, Dorry L; Connor, Avonne E; Bush, Errol L; Levy, Robert D; Shah, Pali; Werbel, William A

Journal of heart & lung transplantation. 2024 Apr ; 43:615-625