MD Admissions at NYU School of Medicine

MD Degree at NYU School of Medicine MD Admissions at NYU School of Medicine
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MD Admissions at NYU School of Medicine

As a student at NYU School of Medicine, you complete your studies in one of the most vibrant and inspiring urban classrooms—New York City. While here, you have access to patients from around the world and to the most advanced research and clinical facilities. 

Our curriculum for the 21st century empowers you to adapt your medical training to your educational goals and prepares you for a broad range of careers in medicine. In addition to four-year and dual MD/master’s degrees, you can pursue our pioneering accelerated three-year MD pathway. 

Holistic Review of Applications

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our holistic review of MD applications. Research has shown that diversity among students, faculty, and working physicians improves not only medical education but also patient care. 

When you apply to our MD degree program, we consider your life experience and service to others alongside your academic and leadership achievements. If you’re invited for an interview, you participate in multiple mini interviews, in which you meet with several interviewers, rather than just one. 

The goal of holistic review is to gain a balanced view of all applicants’ capabilities. We want to know how you might perform as a medical student and what you might contribute to medicine.

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Overseen by Associate Dean Rafael Rivera, Jr., MD, MBA, and Assistant Dean Joanne McGrath, MSEd, the admissions office processes more than 7,000 applications to our MD program per year. 

For more information, contact us at or 212-263-5290. 

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