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Pharmacy Technician Training Program Pharmacy Technician Training Program Curriculum & Policies

Pharmacy Technician Training Program Curriculum & Policies

The curriculum for the NYU Langone Health Pharmacy Technician Training Program is based on the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Model Curriculum for Pharmacy Technician Education and Training Programs. The curriculum is categorized into the following areas:

  • personal and interpersonal knowledge and skills
  • foundational professional knowledge and skills
  • patient care, quality of care, and safety knowledge and skills
  • regulatory and compliance knowledge and skills
  • processing and handling of medications and medication orders for inpatient and outpatient pharmacy settings, including pediatrics and investigational studies pharmacy

Students learn about and gain hands-on experience in cart fill dispensing; pharmaceutical packaging; emergency medication tray preparation; sterile and extemporaneous compounding; information technology, which includes training on systems such as Epic, Swisslog, Omnicell, Kit Check, and MedEx; purchasing; and inventory management. You also participate in a simulation lab for mock patient–specific medication preparation and processing.

Please see the academic calendar for upcoming session dates.

Clinical Practice Sites

Your training occurs at the following NYU Langone locations:

Program Grading and Completion

To successfully complete the program, you must receive a passing grade of 70 percent in each category, which includes exams and quizzes, packets, worksheets, and homework assignments. You must also satisfy the requirements of all didactic, simulation, and experiential modules; all required exams; all assigned homework; and a minimum of 400 hours in these and other required activities. You also must maintain a satisfactory attendance record. Upon completion of the program, you are awarded the NYU Langone Health Pharmacy Technician Training Program Certificate of Completion.

Student Work Policy

All student activities associated with the curriculum, especially while you are completing your experiential portion, will be educational in nature. You will not receive any pay during this educational experience, nor will you be substituted for hired staff within the clinical institution in the capacity of a pharmacy technician.

Program Dismissal

The program abides by both the NYU Langone Code of Conduct and the NYU Langone Department of Pharmacy Code of Conduct. Both documents are reviewed at the start of the program. Students who commit a code of conduct infraction, do not complete the required hours in the time allotted, do not maintain an overall passing grade of 70 percent in all modules, have an unsatisfactory time and attendance record, or incur disciplinary action may be subject to removal from the program.