Environmental Health Effects

As part of our Community Outreach and Education Core, we have developed this index of nearly 80 Environmental Issues with relevant contacts within our department and elsewhere on the WWW. Below each topic are the names of one or more faculty members who have expertise in that area. By clicking on any name on the list, you will be connected to that faculty member's Web page. Their respective backgrounds, research interests, and representative publications are presented there. Also, their faculty e-mail addresses are listed, so persons with questions in their areas of research can contact them for further information, if needed.

We've also provided links to sources of environmental information at other Web sites, as available, for each topic. This small globe will let you know which links are on remote Web sites. Those contacts are provided to assist you in your search, but we have no control over their content, so no endorsement by New York University Medical Center should be inferred.
 Click on an individual topic of interest among those listed below, thereby linking to its particular page containing faculty and WWW information links relevant to that specific topic. If you use the alphabetical links within this list to aid in finding topics.

IMPORTANT!: To allow us to improve this page in the future, if you know of other sites on the WWW relevant to any of the listed topics, please e-mail their addresses to Dr. Judy Zelikoff. Director, Community Outreach