September 2012 Researcher of the Month - Xiaoping Shen, MD

Xiaoping Shen, MD

Current Research:
The quality of life and the lives of diabetic patients are severely affected by diabetic complications. So, many researchers from all over the world are working very hard trying to find ways either to prevent complications from happening or to reduce the damage from complications.   In addition, researchers are all trying to understand the mechanisms behind the complications. I am one of these researchers.

Currently, I’m working on two major projects.   The first entails investigating if the RAGE gene regulates macrophagecholesterol efflux. The second tests the following hypotheses: RAGE impairs angiogenesis consequent to femoral artery ligation in diabetic mice.

1.  Yared Tekabe, Xiaoping Shen, Joane Luma, Drew Weisenberger, Shi Fang Yan, Roland Haubner, Ann Marie Schmidt and Lynne Johnson. Imaging the effect of receptor for advanced glycation endproducts on angiogenic response to hindlimb ischemia in diabetes. EJNMMI Research 2011, 1:3.

2.  Srinivasan Vedantham, Radha Ananthakrishnan, Thyyar Ravindranath, Kellie Hallam, Qing Li, Rosa Rosario, Yan Lu, Nina Reiniger, Xiaoping  Shen, Ira J. Goldberg, Ann Marie Schmidt, Ravichandran Ramasamy. Human Aldose Reductase Expression Accelerates Atherosclerosis in Diabetic Apolipoprotein E -/- Mice. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2011; 31:1805-1813.

3.  Yunlu Xu, Fatouma Toure, Wu Qu, Lili Lin, Fei Song, Xiaoping Shen, Rosa Rosario, Joel Garcia, Ann Marie Schmidt, and Shi-Fang  Yan. Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE)-Receptor for AGE (RAGE) Signaling and Up-regulation of Egr-1 in Hypoxic Macrophages. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol.285,NO 30,pp,23233-23240, July 23, 2010.

4.  De-xiu Bu, Vivek Rai, Xiaoping Shen, Rosa Rosario, Yan Lu, Vivette D’Agati, Shi Fang Yan, Richard A. Friedman, Edem Nuglozeh, Ann Marie Schmidt. Activation of the ROCK1 Branch of the Transforming Growth Factor-β Pathway Contributes to RAGE-Dependent Acceleration of Atherosclerosis in Diabetic ApoE-Null Mice. Circ Res. 2010; 106:1040-1051.

5.  Evis Harja, De-xiu Bu, Barry I. Hudson, Jong Sun Chang, Xiaoping Shen, Kellie Hallam, Anastasia Z Kalea, Yan Lu, Rosa H. Rosario, Sai Oruganti, Zana Nikolla, Dmitri Belov, Evanthia Lalla, Ravichandran Ramasamy, Shi Fang Yan, and Ann Marie Schmidt.  Vascular and inflammatory stresses mediate atherosclerosis via RAGE and its ligands in apoE-/- mice. Clin Invest.  2008 Jan; 118 (1):183-94.

Abstracts and meetings attended:
1.  Xiaoping Shen, Rosa Rosario, Ann Marie Schmidt. The Receptor of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (RAGE) Regulates Macrophage Cholesterol Efflux.  American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2012 (Poster presentation)

2.  Xiaoping Shen, Rosa Rosario, Yu Shan Zou, Ann Marie Schmidt, Shi Fang Yan. RAGE Suppresses Adaptive Upregulation of MCP-1 in Hind Limb Ischemia in Diabetic Mice.   American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2012  (Poster presentation)

3.  Gurdip Daffu, Xiaoping Shen, Rosa Rosario, Ravichandran Ramasamy and Ann Marie Schmidt.  The Receptor for Advanced Glycation Endproducts (RAGE) Regulates Atherosclerosis in Aging Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting 2012  (Poster presentation)

4.  Xiaoping Shen, Rosa Rosario, Yu Shan Zou, Ann Marie Schmidt, Abe Abuchowski, Shi Fang Yan. Improvement in Angiogenesis and Restoration of Blood Flow in Diabetic Mice by Sanguinate.  Experimental Biology 2011  (Poster presentation)

5.  Xiaoping Shen, Rosa Rosario, Shi Fang Yan, Ann Marie Schmidt. RAGE Signaling in macrophages Contributes to Atherosclerosis in ApoE Null Mice.  American Heart Association Scientific Session 2009  (Poster presentation)

6.  Xiaoping Shen, Fei Song, Rosa Rosario9, Alfredo Morales, Yu Shan Zhou, Ann Marie Schmidt, Shi Fang Yan. RAGE in Bone Marrow Derived Cells Blunts Restoration of Blood Flow in Mice Subjected to Femoral Artery Ligation.  American Heart Association Scientific Session 2009  (Oral presentation)

7.  Xiaoping Shen, Dmitri Belov, Rosa Rosario, Yoshifumi NAKA, Ann Marie Schmidt, Shi Fang Yan. RAGE Impairs Angiogenesis Consequent to Femoral Artery Ligation in Diabetic Mice.  American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2008  (Poster presentation)

Future Plans:
In the future, I would like to extend my research to a larger range, such as investigating if the RAGE gene regulates macrophage reverse cholesterol transport in vivo or try some new methods to treat diabetic complications.