Translational Research in Diabetes and Obesity: Exciting Collaborations at NYULMC

Members of the Diabetes Research Program are collaborating with Dr. Manish Parikh, bariatric surgery and obesity expert at NYULMC, in the study of the role of RAGE as a possible biomarker of metabolic response after bariatric surgery. Our first co-authored paper was recently published in Annals of Surgery, Fall 2014.

Ann Marie Schmidt MD and Ravi Ramasamy, PhD were awarded a Collaborative Interdisciplinary Team Science in NIDDK Research Areas (R24) grant from the NIH/NIDDK. In collaboration with Dr. Alex Shekhtman at the State University of New York at Albany, Columbia University and Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI), the research will focus on developing novel therapies and target engagement biomarkers for the treatment of diabetic complications. Participation of colleagues in NYU's Office of Translational Alliance (OTA) (Drs. Robert Scheider, Nadim Shohdy and Sadhana Chitale) rounds out the team of investigators in this mission.