Aifantis Lab: Oncogenic hijacking of the stress response machinery in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Nikos Kourtis, PhD
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Structure and Distribution of an Unrecognized Interstitium in Human Tissues.
Neil Theise, MD
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DNA methylation – based classification of central nervous system tumours.
Matija Snuderl, MD

Environmental nutrient levels impact cancer cell metabolism, resulting in context-dependent gene essentiality.
Richard L. Possemato, PhD

The Conserved ATM Kinase RAG2-S365 Phosphorylation Site Limits Cleavage Events in Individual Cells Independent of Any Repair Defect
Jane A. Skok, PhD

Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry Controls Clonal Expansion of T Cells through Metabolic Reprogramming.
Stefan Feske, MD

Activity-Dependent Dysfunction in Visual and Olfactory Sensory Systems in Mouse Models of Down Syndrome.Christopher M. William, MD, PhD