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Department of Pathology Research Pathology Research Resources

Pathology Research Resources

Research in the Department of Pathology is supported by NYU Langone’s state-of-the-art research resources and facilities, including those that facilitate experimental animal model studies.

NYU Langone’s scientific cores and shared resources provide services in the areas of genetic and genomic analysis of biospecimens, advanced microscopy, and cellular and molecular biology analyses.

Sheenah M. Mische, PhD, is senior director of NYU Langone’s Division of Advanced Research Technologies. The division oversees core facilities and laboratories with the mission to facilitate basic, clinical, and translational research.

The Rodent Genetic Engineering Laboratory, directed by Sang Y. Kim, PhD, provides access to advanced molecular genetic techniques to generate novel rodent models of physiology and disease.

The Division of Comparative Medicine, which provides exemplary veterinary care for animals used in research at NYU Langone, is led by Jennifer Pullium, MVB, and Kevin A. Prestia, DVM, MPH.