About ParentCorps

ParentCorps values families as partners in helping young children succeed!

ParentCorps is a family-centered, school-based program to help all young students develop the foundational skills for learning. ParentCorps is implemented as a universal intervention – for all children – in Pre-Kindergarten or other early childhood education settings (“school”).

ParentCorps builds on the strengths of culturally-diverse families and helps schools engage parents as partners in helping children succeed.

ParentCorps includes three key components that synergistically strengthen home-school connections and help teachers and parents provide high-quality environments that are safe, predictable and nurturing -- to ensure that all students develop the social, emotional and behavioral regulation skills that are the foundation for learning.

  • Program for Pre-K Students (“Friends School”) – a 14-week curriculum for Pre-K students on social, emotional and behavioral regulation skills;
  • Program for Parents of Pre-K Students – a 14-week program for parents to enhance the use of evidence-based practices for promoting social, emotional and behavioral regulation skills;
  • Professional Development – group and individualized learning opportunities for Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers and Assistants, Mental Health Professionals, Parent Support Staff, and School Leaders to enhance the use of evidence-based practices for strengthening home-school connections and promoting social, emotional and behavioral regulation skills.

The voices of thousands of families and educators guided the development of ParentCorps in New York City over the past 15 years. ParentCorps’ approach is based in an understanding of the challenges of raising and educating children in low-income urban neighborhoods. ParentCorps aims to buffer the impact of poverty and other stressors by engaging and supporting communities of parents and early childhood teachers.

ParentCorps’ unique approach is embodied in seven elements considered essential for achieving positive impact at the population level:

  1. ParentCorps is embedded in schools as part of early childhood education to reach the majority of children, minimize logistical barriers to participation, and create a sustainable network (corps) to support effective parenting.
  2. ParentCorps is timed with the transition to school when parents may be especially open and motivated to change, and framed broadly as supporting schools success to reflect values and commitment to helping children achieve, shared by parents from diverse cultures.
  3. ParentCorps is universal for all children as they enter Pre-k to maximize acceptability and engagement.
  4. ParentCorps is culturally-informed in that the intervention focuses explicitly on cultural values and supports flexibility and tailoring to circumstances and context.
  5. ParentCorps includes components for parents, teachers and children to sufficiently mitigate the impact of adversity on child development.
  6. ParentCorps is facilitated by school-based mental health professionals who can create supportive and inspiring spaces in which parents, teachers and staff feel valued, respected and motivated to work together to help children succeed.
  7. ParentCorps is continuously improved based on qualitative and quantitative feedback from parents, teachers, facilitators, and administrators and findings from studies of context, implementation and impact.

ParentCorps in New York City

In partnership with Pre-K for All, ParentCorps is being offered as an evidence-based enhancement to Pre-K for All programs throughout NYC, in support of the NYC Department of Education’s Framework for Great Schools and NY State’s Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core.

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