CEHD research includes efficacy and effectiveness trials, longitudinal and follow-up studies, and implementation and dissemination studies.

Currently, five federal grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Institute of Education Sciences support three major initiatives:

1) a follow-up study of 1050 Black and Latino children who participated in a randomized controlled trial of ParentCorps in pre-kindergarten programs in elementary schools in Brooklyn NY (PI: L Brotman);

2) a longitudinal study of 750 Latino children in 24 NYC elementary schools (PI: E Calzada; Co-PI: L Brotman);

3) formative work related to ParentCorps implementation in Uganda (PI: K-Y Huang).

Foundation, state and local grants support implementation and dissemination studies of ParentCorps. These activities are taking place in 8 elementary schools and 2 large community-based organizations serving children throughout NYC (PI: L Brotman).

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Funding Sources

Our work is generously supported by the following federal and state agencies and foundations: