Overview & Curriculum


The CSDS Training and Mentoring Institute will provide intensive didactic and mentored research training to junior faculty engaged in stroke research. The goal of this multidisciplinary training and mentoring program is to inspire mentees to conduct research by employing techniques at the forefront of their fields. Achieving the goal of decreasing health disparities in the field of stroke research, the program includes:

  • Providing fundamental training by interdisciplinary faculty in the area of stroke and stroke disparities
  • Establishing partnerships between mentors and mentees based on their mutual research interests in the area of cardiovascular health, behavioral medicine and stroke research
  • Helping mentees develop skills needed in order to develop independent research interests and apply for independent research grants
  • Providing grant workshops conducted by the NINDS staff to promote a sustainable independent research


Each cohort will be enrolled for 1 year, beginning with a 2-week intensive didactic summer session, followed by on-going mentorship by congruent scientists and a mid-year academic meeting, and conclude with a 1-week follow-up summer session. The 1-week follow-up session will provide mentees with opportunities for one-on-one interactions with NINDS staff; participation in NIH Mock Study Section; and proposal critiques by faculty and peers. 

Topics covered in the 2-week didactic session include the following:

  • Methodology
  • Biostatistics
  • Ethical conduct of research
  • Behavioral and translational models
  • Stroke prevention and intervention topics
  • Community-engaged research
  • Grant writing workshops