What We Do

The Section on Value and Effectiveness aims to improve healthcare by conducting transferable research that focuses on personalization, prioritization, and resource allocation in healthcare services.

Simply put, the section uses a variety of research tools to estimate the benefit that healthcare is delivering so we can get more “bang” from our healthcare “buck,” a particularly important concern for the United States, which spends far more money on healthcare per-capita than any other country, yet delivers benefits that are often modest and unevenly distributed.

- How can we tailor healthcare to meet an individual's medical history and preferences?

- How can we focus on what is most important?

Resource Allocation
- How can we get the most "bang" for our healthcare "buck" and save the most lives with available resources?

How Do We Do It?

By publishing our research in top-tier scientific peer-reviewed journals, and by working directly with stakeholders to translate our results into improved clinical guidelines, quality measurements, clinical decision supports, consumer educations, and incentives.

Who Funds Us?

A large portion of our budget comes from federal research grants and foundations. The following is a list of our current funders with links for further information: