Institute for Psychoanalytic Education

For those who seek an understanding of emotional life, IPE is an educational center that provides insights into core human dilemmas from childhood through adulthood.

The Institute for Psychoanalytic Education offers advanced training for mental health professionals. We graduate clinicians who are confident, capable, and caring practitioners.

Explore our Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapy programs, or consider our short-term program Prelude to Training for clinicians of all levels of background and experience.

IPE offers affordable psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults and children. Our Consultation Service can refer you to our training candidates, who are board-certified psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and experienced clinical social workers, who will see you in their private office.

Institute for Psychoanalytic Education (IPE), affiliated with NYU School of Medicine
Training the next generation of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists to help patients live healthier and more fulfilling lives.