Our Services

The Thoracic Imaging Division at NYU Langone Medical Center is a group of board-certified physicians specially trained in imaging diseases of the lungs and their surrounding tissues, such as the mediastinum, the pleural space, and vascular structures such as the aorta and pulmonary arteries. This diverse group of radiologists works closely with primary care physicians, pulmonologists, oncologists, and thoracic surgeons to assist with diagnosis and management of a wide spectrum of chest diseases. Thoracic radiologists often form an important part of the multi-disciplinary team needed to provide comprehensive patient care.

Thoracic imaging often involves a chest radiograph (typically referred to as a chest x-ray) or computed tomography (often called a CT scan). Chest radiographs can be performed at numerous sites, often without an appointment, with rapid interpretation for our referring physicians. While achieving the highest quality imaging with the lowest possible radiation dose, high-resolution chest CT and CT angiography is available with state-of-the-art CT equipment, including a Dual Source Dual Energy Siemens FLASH, and several 128-slice Siemens Definition CT scanners.

After the patient completes the exam under the guidance of the imaging technologist, the radiologist interprets the images and renders a diagnosis for the referring physician.

In addition to NYU Langone Medical Center imaging sites, the Thoracic Imaging division also provides services to Bellevue Hospital and Gouverneur Healthcare Services, two sites operated by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.