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Basu Lab Research Basu Lab Funding

Basu Lab Funding

Research projects led by the Basu Lab are funded by many programs, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Ongoing Research Support

Jayeeta Basu, PhD, is the principal investigator for research studies funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

Linking Plasticity of Hippocampal Representation Across the Single Neuron and Circuit Levels

Synaptic and Circuit Interactions to Shape Multisensory Processing

Past Research Support

Below is a list of funded projects led by Dr. Basu.

Mathers Charitable Foundation
Mathers Foundation Award
Memories and Processing–How the Brain Perceives and Stores Information

The Esther A. and Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc.
Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Award in Neuroscience
A Feedback Memory Circuit to Modulate Cortical Sensory Processing

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Sloan Research Fellowship
Dynamic Interactions of Circuits for Memory and Sensory Processing

Whitehall Foundation, Inc.
Whitehall Three Year Research Grant
Top-down modulation of sensory integration in the entorhinal cortex by hippocampal memory feedback

NYU Langone’s Neuroscience Institute
Startup Funds
Synaptic and Circuit Mechanisms of Learning, Memory, and Behavior

American Epilepsy Society
American Epilepsy Society Junior Investigator Award
Establishing the Dynamics and Role of Neurons Born During Adulthood Epilepsy

Childhood Brain Tumor Fund
Childhood Brain Tumor Fund Award
Reciprocal Regulation of Electroresponsiveness Between Glioblastoma and Brain Microenvironment

Whitehead Fellowship for Junior Faculty in Biomedical and Biological Sciences
Do Projections from the Hippocampus Mediate Top-Down Modulation of Sensory Integration in the Entorhinal Cortex?

Leon Levy Foundation
Leon Levy Foundation Fellowship
Characterizing the Functional Properties of Hippocampal Dendritic Spikes In vivo

Blas Frangione Foundation
Blas Frangione Young Investigator Research Grant
Assessing the Alterations In Excitation/Inhibition Balance and Network Activity in the Entorhinal Cortex during Alzheimer's disease

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation
NARSAD Young Investigator Award
The Role of Inhibition in Input Timing Dependent Plasticity

Past Trainee Research Support

Our trainees often lead projects that are awarded financial support.

Olesia Bilash
Society for Neuroscience Trainee Professional Development Award, 2020
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Research Education Component Junior Scholar Award, 2020
NIH T32 Training Fellowship in Molecular, Cellular, and Translational Neuroscience, 2018

Vincent Robert
Bettencourt Foundation Award, 2019

Jason Moore
Society for Neuroscience Trainee Professional Development Award, 2019

Tanvi Butola
Leon Levy Fellowship, 2019

Shayan Daniel Farmand
Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund Award, 2019

Rodrigo Delatorre
Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund Award, 2019

Rachel Swanson
NIMH T32 Training Fellowship in Learning, Memory, Development, and Plasticity, 2018

Augustin Tevares
Summer Undergraduate Research Program Award, 2018

Anthony Graves
Summer Undergraduate Research Program Award, 2017

Narissa Karima Hajratalli
Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund Award, 2017

Martial Dufour
American Epilepsy Society Postdoctoral Training Award, 2016

Sahaana Sundar
Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund Award, 2016

Ariel Hairston
Irene & Eric Simon Brain Research Fellow, 2016

Rachel Swanson
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2015–17