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Jane Hubbard Lab Publications

Read the latest papers published by investigators in NYU Langone’s E. Jane Albert Hubbard Lab.

Recent Publications

Innexin function dictates the spatial relationship between distal somatic cells in the Caenorhabditis elegans gonad without impacting the germline stem cell pool

Tolkin, Theadora; Mohammad, Ariz; Starich, Todd A; Nguyen, Ken C Q; Hall, David H; Schedl, Tim; Hubbard, E Jane Albert; Greenstein, David

eLife. 2022 Sep 13; 11:

Modeling the C. elegans germline stem cell genetic network using automated reasoning

Amar, Ani; Hubbard, E Jane Albert; Kugler, Hillel

Bio systems. 2022 Jul ; 217:104672

Microbial byproducts determine reproductive fitness of free-living and parasitic nematodes

Venzon, Mericien; Das, Ritika; Luciano, Daniel J; Burnett, Julia; Park, Hyun Shin; Devlin, Joseph Cooper; Kool, Eric T; Belasco, Joel G; Hubbard, E Jane Albert; Cadwell, Ken

Cell host & microbe. 2022 Jun 08; 30:786-797.e8

Model organism databases are in jeopardy

Bellen, Hugo J; Hubbard, E J A; Lehmann, Ruth; Madhani, Hiten D; Solnica-Krezel, Lila; Southard-Smith, E Michelle

Development. 2021 Oct 01; 148:

DAF-18/PTEN inhibits germline zygotic gene activation during primordial germ cell quiescence

Fry, Amanda L; Webster, Amy K; Burnett, Julia; Chitrakar, Rojin; Baugh, L Ryan; Hubbard, E Jane Albert

PLoS genetics. 2021 Jul ; 17:e1009650

Germline Stem and Progenitor Cell Aging in C. elegans

Tolkin, Theadora; Hubbard, E Jane Albert

Frontiers in cell & developmental biology. 2021 Jul ; 9:699671

A Genome-Wide RNAi Screen for Enhancers of a Germline Tumor Phenotype Caused by Elevated GLP-1/Notch Signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans

Dalfo, Diana; Ding, Yanhui; Liang, Qifei; Fong, Alex; Cipriani, Patricia Giselle; Piano, Fabio; Zheng, Jialin C; Qin, Zhao; Hubbard, E Jane Albert

G3 : genes - genomes - genetics. 2020 Dec 03; 10:4323-4334

Biology of the Caenorhabditis elegans Germline Stem Cell System

Hubbard, E Jane Albert; Schedl, Tim

Genetics. 2019 12 ; 213:1145-1188