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MOTIVATE Research Lab Projects Peer-Assisted Lifestyle Intervention

Peer-Assisted Lifestyle Intervention

The Peer-Assisted Lifestyle (PAL) Intervention was developed by NYU Langone’s MOTIVATE Research Lab to address obesity in primary care in the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System. In August 2017, we implemented a randomized controlled trial of the PAL Intervention at the Brooklyn VA. The PAL Intervention Study is a primary care medical home (PCMH) intervention that utilizes trained veteran peer coaches (VPCs) to deliver 5As-based counseling and motivational interviewing. The VPC uses a tablet-delivered, goal-setting tool to assist the patient in setting weight-loss and behavioral goals. The VPC works with the patient-aligned care teams within VA primary care settings to support the patient in pursuit of goals.

Specific Aims

  • test the impact of the PAL intervention on weight change and clinical and behavioral outcomes
  • identify predictors of weight loss in the PAL Intervention arm related to goal-setting processes and intervention components
  • determine the impact of the PAL Intervention on counseling practices and attitudes in primary care providers

Contact Information

Contact: Shea Cerveny, project manager
Phone: Manhattan VA: 212-686-7500 x5098
Phone: Brooklyn VA: 212-836-6600 x1302
Funding Source: Merit Review Award, Health Services Research and Development, Veterans Affairs