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Natarajan Lab Natarajan Lab Opportunities

Natarajan Lab Opportunities

The Natarajan Lab at NYU Langone is looking to expand our team. See below for details about our job openings.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

We are looking for smart, intelligent, and motivated postdoctoral fellows to join our group. The focus of our laboratory is on translational research related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease (including heart failure). The positions are available for highly motivated candidates with a background in epidemiology, biostatistics, psychology, or related fields. For more information, please contact

Research Elective for Medical Students and Residents

During the elective, the individual will experience the key steps in conducting research, learn to communicate the results, and if motivated, learn grant-writing skills. The participant (NYU medical student, intern, resident, or fellow) will be lead author or co-author of papers and presentations resulting from the work.

Please include your name, contact information, CV, dates that you will be available, topic of interest (if known), and a comment on how this elective could best help you. In order to get the best possible results, we would prefer to informally communicate with the candidate for several weeks prior to the elective. This would allow us to collaboratively develop the research question beforehand and have the individual be productive from day one of the elective.

Health Behavior and Behavioral Interventions

In this elective, students will be exposed to a number of different theories that determine patients’ health-related behaviors and form the basis for behavioral intervention for chronic diseases such as CVD. Participants in this elective will also acquire skills that can be applied clinically to their work with nonadherent patients. Participants could become involved in one of several projects.

Population Science

The overall goals of our research in cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention are to enhance cardiovascular risk assessment methods and optimize ways of preventing CVD. Because CVD and its risk factors affect a large proportion of the U.S. population, any scientific advance or policy change due to our contribution has the potential to make a significant impact. View the previous medical students and residents.

Clinical Research Volunteer Opportunity for Undergraduates

Our multidisciplinary research team has several positions available for clinical research volunteers for working on our funded projects at the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We are looking for smart, highly responsible, organized individuals who are looking to pursue professional careers. This is an opportunity to be involved in several cutting-edge research projects, which are funded studies evaluating different behavioral approaches to improve management for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, or stroke.

The volunteer will work in a hospital setting with a multidisciplinary group. The volunteer will work closely with our team to identify potential eligible patients, screening, and enrollment. The individual will have opportunities to observe patient visits and study interviews, administer questionnaires, and educate participants. The volunteer will assist with tasks related to qualitative and quantitative analysis, including data management and transcriptions, literature searches, and study administration. As part of the position, the volunteer will be involved in key academic deliberations with internal and external collaborators as well as the opportunity to participate in the INSPIRE core learning series, a series of educational presentations on research principles.

View the job description for the clinical research volunteer opportunity.
View our previous clinical research volunteers.


The INSPIRE (Inspiring New Scientists through a Program of Innovation, Research, and Education) program focuses on epidemiological and behavioral research in cardiovascular and chronic disease prevention by improving our understanding of cardiovascular risk. Individuals will be exposed to different study designs and become involved in projects using secondary data. Interns will learn about the clinical research process through structured training and supervised hands-on participation in ongoing research projects. During the internship, the student will experience the key steps in conducting research, learn to communicate the results, and if interested, learn grant-writing skills.

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