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Natarajan Lab Team Natarajan Lab Former Students, Residents & INSPIRE Associates

Natarajan Lab Former Students, Residents & INSPIRE Associates

Previous students, residents, and INSPIRE Associates have contributed greatly to the research projects and investigations performed in our lab.

Former Students and Residents on Elective (With Project)

Sunny Park, Medical Student
Project: Louis H. Miller, MD Ethnic Differences in Glycemic and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Levels in US Adults with Diabetes

Dennis Chang, MD
Project: The Gap in Cholesterol Screening Between Ethnic Groups: Time-Trends from the 1987
Dana Frisch, Medical Student
Project: Ethnic Differences in Micronutrient Intake and its Effect on Blood Pressure: A Population-based Study

Jing Wang, MD
Project: Do Indian-American and Chinese-Americans Have Better Cardiovascular Risk Profiles Compared to Whites?

Jennifer Hui, Medical StudentProject: Impact of Dietary n-3 Fatty Acids and Statins on HDL and Total Cholesterol Levels in US Adults: An Analysis of the 1999-2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Ankit Parikh, Medical Student
Project: Relationship of a DASH-like Diet on Clinical Outcomes in Adults

Prita Gupta, Medical Student
Project: Predictors of Low HDL Cholesterol in a Rural South Indian Population

Demetrios Panagiotou, MD
Project: Cystatin C: An Independent Risk Factor for Increased Mortality

Natalie Young, Medical Student
Project: Location Matters: Exploring the Effects of Geographical Location in Controlling Hypertension

Alexandra Milin, Medical Student
Project: Cystatin C-based Glomerular Filtration Rate as an Improved Predictor of Mortality

Jennifer Zhu, Medical Student
Project:Association of Food Insecurity with Cardiovascular Health and Mortality

Former INSPIRE Associates (2016-17)

Nicole Acero
Project: What Explains the Hispanic Mortality Advantage? Exploring the Role of Diet and Other Mediational Variables

Olivia Chen and Caroline Donahue
Project: Impact of Diabetes on Heart Failure Incidence in Adults with Ischemic Heart Disease

Alex Gemme
Project: Iron Status and Cardiovascular Mortality Among Adults with Prevalent Heart Failure

Mohammad Hossain
Project: Depression and Incident Nontraumatic Lower Extremity Amputations Amongst Persons with Diabetes

Adithya Kumar
Project: Impact of Comorbidities on Survival after Incident Heart Failure: Findings from the NHANES I Epidemiologic Follow-Up Study

Ilayda Piyale
Project: Effect of Risk Factor Control on Clinical Outcomes among US Adults with Diabetes: Analysis of NHANES

Mathew Zhao
Project: Psychometric Properties of a Self-Efficacy Scale Among Veterans with Hypertension