Regulatory & Compliance Resources

Office of Science & Research Regulatory & Compliance Resources
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Office of Science & Research Regulatory & Compliance Resources

At NYU School of Medicine, regulatory and compliance committees are composed of faculty researchers and members of the greater scientific community. The committees ensure that research studies conducted in our labs comply with federal, state, and institutional guidelines. Before any project begins, the committees review and approve research protocols, implementing policies and practices to protect researchers, study participants, and the public from harm. The committees also follow strict guidelines to ensure that any animals used in experiments are treated humanely.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight

We oversee all research involving the use of human embryonic stem cells or human pluripotent stem cells.
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Institutional Animal Care and Use

We ensure the ethical care and use of animals in research and teaching.
Ethical Animal Care and Use in Research and Teaching

Institutional Biosafety

We ensure that research involving biological materials complies with regulatory guidelines.
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Institutional Review Entity

We oversee a dual use research of concern review process to minimize the risk of life sciences experiments.
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